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Gonggrabber's ARK Video Contest: Thanks, Compliments, and Next Steps (Spoiler Alert: You Can Earn ARK!)

My Videos

Here is my winning entry of Gonggrabber's ARK Video Contest!
Here are my other entries:


Firstly, I'd like to express my deepest thanks to the ARK community and beyond for supporting me in winning the video contest. I'd like to give an extra special thanks to gonggrabber for doing two things (on top of putting together a great contest):
  1. Awarding ARK to all accepted entries. This move gave participants a boost of confidence to take part and put out some really great stuff. I had withheld my comments on videos during the campaign to prevent showing any bias, but believe this, that silence is breaking today. I was thoroughly impressed with so many of the entries and everyone will hear those thoughts today. If accepted entries receiving ARK had not been a thing, I likely would not have made an entry. In a winner-take-all environment I would not have felt comfortable competing directly against the very community members I'm sworn to support. With all accepted entries receiving ARK, it made me very happy and comfortable participating.
  2. Allowing everyone to participate including team members. As a long time community member turned team member, I have the unique challenge of occasionally struggling to feel included in various community activities such as contests like this. As a team member, I must watch my words more closely now and avoid doing things like endorsing specific delegates, for example. Having the opportunity to participate in this allowed me to express myself creatively and my love for ARK, and gonggrabber will always have my biggest thanks for this.
Here's something else you may not know about gonggrabber. GG's been in the ARK community far longer than I have, and has been on this Subreddit for a long time. GG is not afraid to stand up to skeptics and naysayers with a signature approach being "what are you doing to help." Reading GG's comments have helped me through darker times in the Crypto Winter, and I have always felt all the more proud and confident with ARK due to GG being here.

Next Steps: Time to Earn ARK!

Now that the contest is over and winner declared, it's time to put the community to work spreading the word! So, because I have won, and in the spirit of gonggrabber's quote "I'm putting my money where my mouth is," I will be awarding a portion of my ARK winnings to the community in exchange for promoting the winning video. Here are the things I will be looking at regarding video promotion with instructions on how to get my ARK. There is a limit of one reward per person per method. Any action taken before this post got posted doesn't count. All rewards will be delivered to you via Delegate Cryptology's ArkTippr Reddit Tip Bot.

All this promotion will be for the winning video entry.

Retweet With Comment
What you need to do: Retweet this specific tweet with a comment about what you thought of the video. You can also choose to tag some people you think would like it.
What you will get: Direct message me in Twitter to @ArkStickers and tell me your Reddit username. You will receive a free code for an ARK Stickers pack, delivered anywhere in the world!
Tag Friends on Instagram
What you need to do: Follow @ArkEcosystem on Instagram. Locate this Instagram post and tag three friends in a comment, who you think would like the video.
What you will get: Send me a private message on Reddit before you do it, then I will see you do it and give you 3 ARK.
Send an Email
What you need to do: Send an email to some people you think will enjoy the video. You should use "BCC" if you are sending one email to multiple people, and make the recipient be to yourself. This will hide the email addresses of your friends so they can't see each other's emails, as a courtesy. If you don't know what BCC means, ask me before you send an email.
What you will get: BCC me also in the email, then send me a direct message on Reddit. I will give you 3 ARK.
Alert Crypto Youtubers
What you need to do: Throw a Youtube comment on your favorite crypto youtuber's channel, letting them know what you think about the winning video and you think they would like it. For spam reasons, I don't think you should put a link in there. Just tell them to check out my youtube channel "Ark Stickers" and they can watch it.
What you will get: Before you do it, send me a direct Reddit message first. If they reply to your Youtube comment in any way, let me know and I will give you 5 ARK.
Score Me an Interview on a Crypto Youtube Channel
What you need to do: Figure out a way to get a crypto youtuber to contact me in some way (Reddit, Slack, Discord, Email). I want to be a guest on their show and talk about the video, the contest, our community, and what ARK is all about.
What you will get: Send me a direct message on Reddit to let me know who will be contacting me shortly. After the interview is executed, I will give you 50 (fifty) ARK. I will continue giving you 50 ARK for each channel you get me an interview for. No limits on this one. I also do not care how big or small their channel is. One note: if I have to pay to get on their show I would not be able to do that.

Ask any questions in the comments of this post. I will continue to run this program until the portion of ARK I have set aside for this is gone. At that point, I will seek other ways to potentially keep this program running. Good luck!

Honoring the Participants

I have a lot to say about the videos featured in this contest, and even more to say about the talented community members we have here at ARK. I will now personally applaud and thank the community members who participated, showing them how glad I am to have them here.
Azure-Infinity. Developing on ARK, ARK Dynamic Fees, ARK Community Commitee, ARK Delegate Types, ARK Hackathons*.
When it comes to participation in the ARK community, Azure-Infinity appears to be in perpetual beast mode. AI has a keen grasp on media creation as well, both still and motion. AI's dedication to ARK cannot be argued, and I see AI participate in multiple ways within the ARK community on a regular basis. AI is also a proud member of the ARK Community Committee, collaborating directly with me on helpful community resources. AI had a lot of great things to say during 30 Days of ARK as well. I enjoyed a lot of things about each of AI's entries, but I especially liked the hackathon video, which combined live footage from with explanations and clean graphics. I can't wait to see how else AI will enrich our community throughout 2019. A sincere thanks for your participation here.
Zzzoem. ARK on the Go.
Z's video puts a crisp perspective on everything ARK has to offer from the point of view of a mobile user. Uplifting music and well-paced content with quick-to-understand "tooltips" take the viewer through what it's like interacting with ARK products. I was especially impressed with the fluid transitions, from Mobile Wallet > Explorer > Voting > ACF > Call to Action really produced a beautiful result. Impressed.
Ledgerdary. SmartBridge Technology & ACES, IPFS.
Aside from having an awesome username that is nothing short of legen... wait for it... dary, Ledgerdary is around here on the subreddit and always has supportive and thoughtful comments ready to fire. Ledgerdary also participated in the 30 Days of ARK and is obviously very knowledgeable on ARK. I was very pleased to see L also participate in this contest, as well. L's videos lay out complex concepts in a simple way, which is one of the reasons why I liked the videos. Thank you for making them!
TheDevils4dvocate. ARK DPoS, ARK IPFS Hype Video.
Let's get this straight first and foremost. I really liked the music choices of both of these videos, the throwback tech-corporate style of the first, and the pure fun hardcore choice of the second. As someone who does (albeit amateur) voiceover work, I was pleasantly surprised to hear informative voiceover work on the first video. I also really enjoyed how TDA slowly transitioned the viewer from Bitcoin to ARK concepts, kind of like entering a wavepool instead of just jumping off the highdive. The second video is hilarious, worth watching just to see the 'hacker' get comepletely brickwalled by ARK. Cheers- I enjoyed the videos a lot.
Fakoshi. ARK Push-Button Blockchains, ARK Pay, ARK: Get Involved, ARK Explorer, ARK Subreddit*.
I saw Fakoshi join the ARK Subreddit, and our little corner of the Reddit woods is better for it. Fakeoshi's positive personality is similar to Ledgerdary's and others here. If I recall correctly, Fakoshi also helped out with comments for 30DOA and provided some great insight on ARK concepts. F's videos are light, easy to digest, and give you time to think. I especially liked the concept of an entire video all about getting involved with the project. I'm very glad you are a member of this community. Thanks for your efforts here!
Travis-DJSelery. The ARK Crypto Podcast.
Travis is CMO. Travis does ARK interviews, works with ARK partners, and handles a lot of things behind the scenes. I traveled with Travis to Vegas for the World Crypto Conference and Poker Tournament, and it was great hanging with Travis in real life and watching him do his thing. He also has a great sense of humor, as you will see in his video about The ARK Crypto Podcast that I host every week at The video definitely got a laugh out of me. Thank you Travis for all you do!
Crypto_Mining. Long Format ARK Overview.
Crypto_Mining has a Youtube channel and following. CM produced a longer video, outlining ARK's strengths and benefits in specific detail, with focus on interoperability and the ARK delegate landscape. I'd like to personally extend a lot of thanks to CM for his entry and involvement in the contest. CM even took it a step further by interacting with his network of followers, teaching them about ARK and getting them involved in the contest voting process. CM proved a formidable opponent, but more importantly, an ambitious person who took real steps to get the word of ARK out there. A special thanks for your involvement and thank you for making the video!
0bran. How to Find and Vote for a Delegate, ARK SmartBridge Explained*, ARK SmartBridge*.
0bran produced some great content for this contest. The first video struck me due to how downright useful it is. I could definitely see my younger brother being able to follow these instructions and successfully vote. I also loved the music choice. It's peppy and chill at the same time. 0bran's videos have a slightly different aesthetic than others here, using the visuals (even notice it's a motion loop). Nice! The videos were refreshing and I'll say again, useful af. Cool transitions too! Great work.
BroadcastJunkie. How to Send ARK Fast.
BroadcastJunkie runs, where you can spend ARK on professional infotech services, right now being enterprise-grade antivirus software. BroadcastJunkie is also very active here on the Subreddit, and never fails to lend a helping hand to assist the community. Aside from this video, showing how easy and fast it is to send ARK, BroadcastJunkie also made a full Desktop Wallet v2 walkthrough video earlier this year. It's really nice and even shows how to verify the hashes of the download, in the interest of your security. I'm very glad to have BroadcastJunkie with us. Cheers!
pl4tf0rm2. ARK is Cool!
Watch out Azure-Infinity, platf0rm2 is apparently becoming a growing force within the ARK community! P is very conceptually creative, and it definitely shows in the video. The entry is as uplifting as it is entertaining. I definitely laughed at a few of the funnier parts. I also really enjoyed the ARK "Deal With It" graphic. Very cool. The little asterisks are great. "Results may vary considerably." Gold. The community also spoke through a lot of votes on the video. I can only assume that P had done some campaigning as well. It was great having P be a part of the contest, just as they were a part of 30 Days of ARK as well. Two thumbs up! Thanks for being here in the ARK community.
johnblockchain11. (Hax0r Style)
Yes! This is my jam. A short video with a unique aesthetic compared to others here. Perfect blending of visual assets and motion effects. I thought it was really really cool. If I had seen something like this not knowing of ARK, I'd definitely be curious to learn more. Definitely worth checking out the vid. There are a lot of reasons I like this video, and it's like a "dark theme" of an ARK video. Thanks for making!
ChooseArkChooseajob. ARK Mobile Wallet Walkthrough*
CACAJ isn't posting daily in the Subreddit, but I definitely see consistent action over the months. CACAJ is definitely repping the concept of participation in the ARK Ecosystem in full force, even through the username itself! CACAJ also participated in the "Describe ARK in One Block Time" contest and had a great entry there too. One thing I like about the video is it gives the viewer a good sample of what it's like interacting with the mobile wallet. I especially liked the step by step process of adding a custom network like Phantom. I noticed none of your entries were in the accepted list, so please contact me in Reddit direct message if you see this ;)
saeedanwar92. ARK Overview*.
From my experience on this Subreddit, welcome! You seem to be a new face around here. I'm glad you made a video. It shows in a simple and direct way what ARK is about. It's a shame it could not fit into the 25 slots. Please contact me in Reddit direct message if you see this ;)
0toierance. ARK Interoperability*.
As a forging delegate, 'del' helps secure the ARK network, processes transactions, and even runs a faucet that awards ARK to its visitors. Another video with voiceover! Nice! I also really liked the stars backdrop. It goes without saying that delegates like del and the rest are a tremendous asset to the ecosystem. Thank you for all you do here del! I noticed none of your entries were in the accepted list, so please contact me in Reddit direct message if you see this ;)
pssf84. ARK Overview*.
Hi, pssf84, welcome to ARK! I thought your video was informative and fun. Another unique aesthetic, too. It definitely achieves the goal of making blockchains seem less scary, which is a goal of ARK as well. I liked the friendly music and seeing the kid receive a trophy was pretty awesome. Thanks for making your video! I noticed none of your entries were in the accepted list, so please contact me in Reddit direct message if you see this ;)
smuorfy. ARK Paper Wallet*.
A nice entry detailing the procedure to securely generate a paper wallet for ARK. The graphics were cool, the text-to-speech voiceover was amusing but also extremely concise and informative! "Paul" is resting easy knowing his ARK is safely sitting in cold storage now. I also noticed that it seems this was the only entry pertaining to the paper wallet. I really appreciated that the paper wallet was highlighted in this contest with detailed steps on how to generate and use it. Thank you for this entry! I noticed none of your entries were in the accepted list, so please contact me in Reddit direct message if you see this ;)

Once again, many thanks to everyone who was in the contest and our killer community. Cheers!
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Four steps to access and split BSV on Trezor (repost)

Everything is good... Trezor splits are straight forward. I did them last week. The method is easy, the explanation and disclaimers are hard. I'll switch to the simplest procedure I can muster..
  1. Use Electron-Cash (latest release) to create a wallet with your Trezor (pic).
  2. Get the next receiving address in EC (pic) and send all your existing BCH to it (make a new TXN).
  3. After 6 confirmations, click the "fork" icon and pick "1d95" branch for BSV (pic).
  4. Get the next receiving address that isn't [2] in EC and send all your existing BSV to it (make a new TXN).
Now the explanations are what trip people up. But ultimately I just did those 4 steps. Here are some explinations


You want to make sure you get the right EC release. This requires learning gpg and checking signatures. Basic security stuff, but can make some people glaze over. I've seen stats on the number of .exe downloads compared to the number of .sig downloads, and basically 90% of the people don't check.
Note: The cert stats named above are only good till June 2019, after that they will change, so be aware of the age of this post.
You might also want to make two separate data directories with EC with two separate wallet files for BCH and BSV. A bit of extra work, but saves you from constantly having to switch forks. Just select the "Follow this" option once and it will stick.
You might also want to learn some of the Electrum (parent of Electron) config syntax. You can use this knowledge to put in BSV and BCH hosts to ensure you have both chains visible in the app.


As of today (Dec 7) Trezor makes BCH/BSV transactions that look the same. This isn't a problem if you send the funds to yourself (as I advise) but can be a problem if you send funds to an exchange. These are called "Replays" and it is why everyone is asking for "Replay Protection". There are tools that will ad a new BCH op-code to the BCH transaction so that the BCH and BSV transactions are less "replayable". You can implement a round-about form of reply protection by simply ensuring you understand how adresses work. This is why you should ensure that the addresses used in [2] and [4] are different and never used again on either chain. If you split the coins in [2] and [4] and ensure you never use the addresses [2] and [4] ever again, you are safe to send them to the exchange (step 5).


Technically the EC software doesn't know what BSV is. It just sees two BCH chains. When EC sees this it labels the two forks off of some hash or MRK tree. The hashes are known and published and unchanging so BCH is always "426..." and the BSV fork is always "1d9...". This is VERY important!


Did I mention that you should ensure that the "to" addresses for steps [2] and [4] are different, are your own, and NEVER get reused as another "to" address? If you EVER reuse these addresses you will break the replay protection provided in these 4 steps.


  1. Electron-Cash Fork Notice - This mentions a coin-slitter that ads new BCH-op-codes. I don't think Trezor supports these op-codes yet, or at least the EC team hasn't figured out how to code those op-codes into a Trezor TXN. Point is, the slitter can't be used with Trezor yet, which may be what OP is waiting on.
  2. PSA: How to split your coins with Electron Cash for people in a hurry. - Another split guide that you can use as a reference or background info. I didn't use this (and TLDR) so can't advise if it would work on Trezor.
  3. How to Safely Split BCH and BSV coins using Electron Cash (w/ pictures) - I used most of the pictures, but not the faucet... it was DDoS'd by the time I got to it. This procedure uses some of the new BSH op codes which I don't know if Trezor can spend yet. May be what OP was asking.
  4. PSA: How to split your coins using Electron Cash for people in a super hurry. - Good conversation about the chains and server selection. Not sure about spending tainted coins with Trezor yet (aka new OP-code). May be what OP was asking.
  5. If you want to dump BSV... some tips on splitting safely. Don't lose your BCH! - Some talk about how to do a LedgerHD split which should be the same-ish as a Trezor.
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I have beginner questions about wallets, security, and obtaining bitcoins.

I did a some research a while ago and basically became overwhelmed but now I'm back and ready to learn. I downloaded a wallet program, Bitcoin-Qt.
Question 1: Is my hard drive going to fill up from all these updates it downloads?
I tried mining with my old PC but I never mined enough to get paid and 3 straight weeks of mining kinda screwed up my old GPU. So then I tried faucets. I made a "receive" address and named it "" and I entered enough captchas to get 0.00006941 BTC. Hooray! I finally have bitcoins in my wallet!
Question 2: My 0.00006941 BTC is mine forever, right? can't take that back, right?
So now that I'm filthy rich, how do I make the wallet safe? I have options to encrypt the wallet and to back it up.
Question 3: Does it matter what order I do this in, either encrypting or backing up first?
Question 4: If I backup my wallet, and then earn more bitcoins, and then my hard drive dies and I recover my wallet from my backup, will I still have the bitcoins I earned since the backup?
I appreciate any help or advice you can offer. Some of the "beginner" guides I've looked at have made me feel like an idiot because I'm still having trouble grasping this technology. Also, when I have $10 or $20 to blow I would like to buy some bitcoins. I don't know anyone personally who has bitcoins so I would need to use my debit card and buy some online. Elsewhere in this subbreddit was mentioned.
Question 5: Can I trust Is there a better way to buy bitcoins?
Thanks for reading this and (hopefully) responding!
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Good, legit faucets for DOGE, Bitcoin, Litecoin simple list and instructions.

Heya, I've been collecting free cryptocurrency like Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash for free for a while on daily bases whenever I feel like it. I've collected some of the best paying faucets that I've found and been using, have received every single piece of that I've earned with no problems whatsoever. This is the list that I've been using and that is still active! Enjoy! :)
If you don't have any Crypto Wallets or you're using third party wallet apps - I heavily suggest making paper wallets by using (download the site source code from github, launch on your computer) and generate the wallets, save them in a text file (both private and share keys). Use the public (share) wallet key when asked in the faucets that ask for it in order to collect and retrieve your earnings!
==1== These instantly payout to 0) FaucetHub [you need to link ur wallet address to their site] withdraw from 10 Doges. List: 1) speed-faucet lite 2) speed-faucet doge 3) speed-faucet bitcoin Speed faucets pay out the largest amounts that I've seen around stable faucets! 4) freebitcoin <-- this gives you multiple currencies.
==2== Then there is 0) Coinpot withdraw from 50 Doges. Moon__ sites collect ur earned coins same way. List: 1) moonliteco_in 2) moondoge_coin 3) moonbit_coin 4) moondash_coin 5) moonbitcoinCash 6) bitfun 7) bonusbitcoin You can convert all these other currencies into doge as well, later paying out in ur doge wallet. Also, you can collect minimal reward necessary and deposit into Coinpot from FaucetHub, then do the same convertions to doges.
==3== These pay out straight to your wallet. Very popular and trusted site. They don't have the greatest minimal claims (although you can luck out and get tons). The multiply doge minigame can really boost your coin amount, but you can always lose them. I've gone from 15 to 28 and then lost everything in ~7rolls. Withdrawing from 13-50 Doge (depending on current price per Doge) straight to your Doge wallet.
Freedogecoin Claim once every 2hrs, can get from 0,10 - 16 Doge. Withdraw from 50 Doge to wallet.
If you have any other questions towards faucets, ask away.
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CC-Builder Bitcoin Script Creation tool Any Crypto Currency Faucet How to create FAUCETHUB account.......and attach btc receive ID how to Earn Bitcoins FAST -how to Get a lot of Bitcoins for FREE 2018 How To Send And Receive Bitcoin With Coinbase - YouTube How to transfer bitcoin from faucet to FaucetHub and FaucetHub to blockchain?

Bitcoin Faucets or faucet bitcoin are websites, on which you are able to get free bitcoins (or any other cryptocoins). In general after you receive your bitcoins, for visiting the bitcoin faucets, you will need to wait some amount of time – often about 60 minutes – before being able to get more free bitcoins… Straight Waycoin. Words of the gospel came from the holy man who taught without holding a book. We provide an easy experience to claim Straight Waycoin. No personal data is saved. As long as the transaction fees are covered by the Faucet/token owner, you can claim Straight Waycoin Bitcoin (BTC) Faucet free coins. Menu Get Started; Referral; My Account; Faucet; Blog; Support; Bitcoin Earn some bitcoins without much effort straight into your microwallet account. Claim Free Bitcoin (BTC) every 60 minutes. Get Started. Referral System. We have a referral system that pays 15% of each claim, straight to your microwallet account. To see your referral url, please click here ... The amount of free BTC you’ll receive each day is small, ... For this faucet, you’ll need a account with a linked Bitcoin wallet address to claim. Faucet Details: 60 seconds; 4 - 6 Satoshis; 25%; Moon Bitcoin. Moon Bitcoin is one of the simplest and most popular Bitcoin faucets, operating on a ‘claim as often as you want‘ model. You can claim every 5 minutes, or wait ... Bitcoin faucets. A bitcoin faucet is a feature on websites that steadily drips bitcoin. For example, a website might dispense a fraction of a bitcoin every few minutes. It’s usually an extremely small amount, equivalent to a few cents or a dollar, awarded to one user every few minutes. This is often done as a promotional feature. If a faucet holds visitors on a website, it may translate to ...

[index] [21220] [19621] [34283] [19792] [12193] [38714] [3390] [49348] [20199] [28221]

CC-Builder Bitcoin Script Creation tool Any Crypto Currency Faucet

Earn bitcoin, bitcoin cash, blackcoin, dashcoin and play dice or slots. FunFaucet BCH is a faucet to earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH)! Win Free Bitcoins every 10 min. earn satoshi fast. Earn free BTC, BCH ... Live Bitcoin Trading With DeriBot on Deribit DeriBot Backup 186 watching Live now How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos (Weird Niche) - Duration: 28:27. Yes, you will receive at least the amount of visits you have ordered. We only count clicks from our members. Outside clicks from visitors are included in the package. We only count clicks from our ... In this video tutorial, I show you how to easily send and receive bitcoin from Coinbase to your blockchain wallet. Sign up for Coinbase and get $10 worth of ... Register on this Bitcoin Faucet - Take Free Bitcoin Earn satoshis with Take Free Bitcoin. Login every day to receive a loyalty bonus!