5Dimes Adds Bitcoin to Payment Options

5Dimes bitcoin deposit

Cash app closed my account that was my way of adding funds for my 5dimes account. Any other app or site I can buy bitcoin and deposit or withdraw to and from 5dimes
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Do we still think 5Dimes is an acceptable book if depositing/withdrawing via bitcoin?

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Do not deposit on Topbet, they aren't sending payouts.

I initiated a withdraw 20 days ago after a decent run, this was for $100. They informed me that they aren't processing withdraws at the moment. The excuse they used was due to the covid 19 crisis and the risk that a check might get lost in the mail. I suggest bitcoin and they pretty much gave me the middle finger at that point.
Stay away, this site is a black hole and you'll likely never see your money again.
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5dimes refusing to payout

I had a withdraw from bovada(2 weeks ago), BetOnline ag (2 days ago), and 5dimes which i initiated 3 weeks ago. 5dimes has canceled my withdraw request every week for 3 weeks. I have consistently had an awful experience withdrawing from 5dimes. bovada/betonline each paid me out within 24 hours. 5 dimes will now be bordering a month if I'm lucky.
I know the books are having issues and I don't know if a thread like this has already been created, but I would like to put this out there so everyone has my experience documented.
5dimes is not a book I'd trust in times of stress.
edit: this is worse than my normal withdrawal issues as right now they are continually rejecting my request after I complete the 1-week withdrawal process. In fact, when they last contacted me they told me I should take my funds and use them in the casino instead.
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5dimes bitcoin withdrawal 3%?

I’ve been trying to withdraw from 5dimes for over a week now... recent user, never been paid out before.
I deposited with credit card. A few different deposits a few hundred bucks each. Sent payout request for bitcoin.
Numerous phone calls, emails, verifying credit card numbers and amounts, etc etc. Have had 2 payout requests denied.
As of today, I see on the cashier there is a 3% fee for bitcoin payouts. It used to say “free.”
Anyone else experience the same? I don’t know if this is normal or they’re just jerking me around. Any guidance/experience on how to get my cash would be very appreciated. Feeling kinda burned tbh....
Sincerely, Finally Won Trying To Be Responsible For Once
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Is it safe to use a card on 5dimes these days?

Got out of the bitcoin game recently and I'm aware there were some problems re: credit cards on 5dimes at the beginning of 2017. Not really interested in using bitcoin again and I want to know if a card would be safe.
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Mostly a rant....in general I really like all the options and casino with 5dimes. However what has stopped me from ever playing with them again is the payout process. I recently won big on craps. Over 60k. They limit you to only 8k per week in payouts. 5k by btc and 3k per check. Besides losing on the jump of btc over the last month my bank sent the check to collections. Now that's a 4 to 8 week wait for a check from Canada. So now I'm down to 5k in btc per week. I've moved my business to Nitro where they will send any btc amount you request. I tried asking support for other options and they refused. Just hoping you degen and lose it all back.
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is 5Dimes Trustworthy?

Hey folks!
I'm a table games gambler (with limited online options due to being in the US), not a sportsbook gambler, but in all my research on 5Dimes, it is sportsbook chatter I see. I've been using Casino Max, but their table games have extremely low table limits, and they won't raise them for me.
I saw a reddit thread here about someone accusing 5Dimes of perpetrating identity theft a year ago, several posts accusing the owner of being hostile, speculation that they're only in business because Americans don't have any other real choices, a news article from a decade ago that their craps table software was rigged and they pulled it .... greed and the desire to gamble keep me poking around, but I'm REALLY sketchy.
Do you guys use 5Dimes on a regular to deposit and withdraw? What are your experiences?
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My (horrible) experience with 5dimes.eu

Was enjoying a few beers with my buddy Sunday and decided to bet on the Packers over Dallas. Had heard good things about 5dimes and decided to give it a try. I bet the minimum $50 on the +195 money line and let it ride. I had set up a coinbase acct with my checking acct linked, and a blockchain (middleman wallet) account in order to transfer the payout funds.
After trying to immediately withdraw the payout funds after the game, I was told that I'd need to go through an "authorization process" where I needed to submit an online form, copy of the front of my amex, driver's license, and billing statement in order to allow me to cash out. I did, and blocked the middle 6 digits of my amex (was obviously sketched out at this but they communicated that this was the only way to receive my payout).
The following morning I checked my amex statement and lo and behold, there was a ~$60 fraudulent charge from Beijing posted to my account. I of course contacted AMEX and had them credit my account from the transactions, cancel my old card and overnight me a new one.
5dimes contacts me the next day asking me for further certification in order to withdraw into my bitcoin wallet. When I explained the fraudulent charge situation, they simply told me to contact my credit card company, which I of course already had. After going through yet another authorization process yesterday, I am still yet to receive the payout funds into my bitcoin wallet. It has become painfully obvious that this site is a sham and that I will very likely never see the funds that I should've won from making this bet on Sunday. Color me disappointed but not in the least surprised.
Tl;dr 5dimes sucks, don't use it. And definitely do not expect a quick payout process.
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General Discussion/Questions Weekly 11/27 - 12/3

Before posting a basic question, check out: https://www.reddit.com/sportsbook/wiki/index If your answer is not there, post away and we'll help!
Previous weeks:
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Info for anyone betting with bitcoin

There have been a lot of recent posts asking what to do about the upcoming 2x hardfork and what to do with their bitcoin. The upcoming hardfork has been called off and is no longer going to happen in the near future. So to everyone who uses bitcoin but doesn't understand bitcoin: relax, nothing is happening.
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Good sportsbook US with live betting?

hey guys im looking for a good US sportsbook, that I can deposit cash (debit/credit) with no fees.
Bovada has 4.9% fee and I don't like it. I am looking for a good sportsbook that doesnt have fees and has good lines and good live betting system.
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Just got hit with 5Dimes

I haven't used 5Dimes since early February when all fraud charges were being posted here on reddit. I withdrew my money and just forgot about. Until today. I was randomly hit with a $387.93 charge by "LH EUROPA EUEU."
I was wondering what the hell this was until I remembered the card I had used. 5Dimes is absolutely done as a sportsbook, as they've lost the trust of all players. Anyone still using them, or, like me, had a card associated with them, its time to cancel that card immediately.
Here's a screenshot of the charger: http://imgur.com/RC7jB7K
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Online betting with Bitcoin?

Does anyone know of any reputable betting websites that take bitcoin? The site would need to pay out in bitcoin as well. The odds for Rigo are looking too good right now to pass up.
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5Dimes question

So this week I had 2 grand in fraud charges put on my credit card that I literally have only ever used for 5 dimes. It was about 3 days after my last deposit. I now just want to get my money out and find a new site. The only problem is they won't let me withdraw my money unless I send them a scan of my drivers license. Obviously I'm not trying to do that since they will probably sell that to someone else. Is there any way to get it out without doing this? It's only 75 bucks but I'd prefer not to eat it. Thanks.
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5dimes Withdrawal

I'm trying to get money out of 5dimes due to all the identity issues they've been having. I originally deposited via debit card, and then by bitcoin. I requested a withdrawal via bitcoin and received an email saying that I had to submit a copy of my DL, a utility bill, and my debit card. What's my best course of action to get my money without having my identity comprised? Thank you!
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Should I switch books?

I know everyone has different experiences but I just started betting on 5dimes for fun, but now that I have a considerable bankroll, should I move it to nitrogen or somewhere else? I always hear bad things about 5dimes and I'm always worried one day I'll just lose it, or maybe I'm being paranoid. Should I take my money and run? Or am I overthinking? Thanks for any help.
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What books do you use and why

I have two books. They serve different purposes. for information,i am an NFL better.
Bovada - my square book. They tend to fade their lines to the public. If you want to play the underdog, you may find better odds here. Sometimes they have decent bonuses on deposit like their recent bitcoin 100% match. Cons are major. They rarely provide lines for match ups that are too close or the public is too hard on. Example, New England this week. They don't want to have a bet where the money is lop sided this much. Also, it takes them forget to post their money lines. Poor selection outside of main stream lines. Their live betting interface is very good.
5dimes - my sharp book. I can get all my lines here, get them early, but you're not going to get the public treatment here. In addition to wide coverage of many sports, I also can easily pick my juice on my bets. Where boss will give me one line, I typically have my choice of three on 5d. When betting against on the board,i can generally pick any spread I want and they'll just adjust the juice. I have to place many of my bets here just because the other sites don't publish lines soon enough for me. It has a few downsides. Security, as has been discussed here, is questionable. The cash out policy requires you to send your password via email. What? The user interface could use some help and the live betting is not great. They offer reduced juice lines as a bonus, but it's a very limited selection that I can rarely put to use.
Would love to see other's opinion on their books or questions on mine
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FYI : Don't Join BetDSI - Payout Fees are INSANE

Deposited 60 bucks on there at beginning of march madness because im a squid for the 10 free dollars we got from the podcast code; got up to 300, tried to cash out 150, and there is NO withdrawl option that has a fee of less than 25 bucks, and that is money-grammed which is fucking ghetto to begin, if you gamble, just do 5dimes as they have once a month free payouts
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5Dimes question

Dumb question probably, but if I deposit with my card I can still cash out using bitcoin right?
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begrudgingly joining this sub

i have been reading this sub for over a year, i have a serious problem with gambling in any form and an addictive personality. this all started for me in 2004 in college when online poker hit espn. i was in college and all of my friends and i started playing online poker and cash games around our house. this was back when full tilt was in its prime so it seemed like a fun video game. the two worst things that ever happened to me, one was signing up on party poker and somehow turning 100 into 3000, i was playing every hand and sucking out on everyone. i thought i was a good player, thinking back on this now i suspect that they had some cheat going on that allowed new players to win a lot to hook them. i obviously lost this all back over the course of the next month. the second worst thing was when i turned 100 to 4000 playing online blackjack on party poker, i thought i was a professional gambler. i of course lost it all back within a week, i remember playing 1000 on 4 hands of blackjack and the dealer pulling a 21.
this was when i felt the first depression and desperation that gambling could do, i would then go on to lose a lot of money at the local card room and online over my college years, fast forward to 2007 when i graduated college luckily without a dime to my name and met a girl working at the local grocery store. she was not a gambler, i moved with her across the country and somehow forgot about gambling, of course this didn't last long as in 2011 i followed an ad from 5dimes for a free bet. i parlayed 20 money line college games and won 1000 with the free bet. i then thought, okay i suck at poker and blackjack but i can be a good handicapper. things didnt work out with the girl so i moved back home and i somehow paid for the trip with my sportsbetting winnings. convinced that i was good and using it as a replacement for the long term relationship i continued to sports bet from 2012 - 2016. i continually won and lost on sports beting and online blackjack while throwing all of my hard earned money into western union deposits and bitcoin deposits. i remember one time when i won i had 6 bitcoin (worth about 200 a piece at the time) if only i had stopped and saved those would be worth a lot today...
fast forward to 2016 i won 10 bets in a row on the warriors and was up 19K, of course i was still in the red lifetime, but i felt invincible and began to chase and make bigger bets. i eventually lost it all back and ended up back at square one with nothing to my name.
i then started going to a local casino where i discovered a game called baccarat, this is the devil. one night i turned 2000 into 6000 and i was convinced that it was the best odds in the casino and i assuredly could win big playing this. i managed to lose the 6000 plus another 10000 and i called it quits in july of 2017 (the first day i came to this sub)
i have been lurking on this sub to try and use it as a way to help me stop gambling, and it worked for a while as i put together 6 months clean. however one day at work a co-worker was talking about going to vegas, and that somehow led me to the casino (not blaming my friend, im stating of how innocent of a conversation awakened the beast inside me because i had my guard down) this was in march of this year. starting in april i went to the casino once a week and was staying balanced in life (so i thought) i was up around 1000 when i entered a poker tournament and then won first place (2900 prize) with this new confidence and thinking i had everything under control i decided i would try my luck again at poker and began practicing to enter the WSOP. over the 2 months of "practicing" i lost about 10000 and figured it was money put to good use as i was "relearning" and then i went to vegas and didn't do well in the tournament but i left the trip even (paying for the buyins with degenerate baccarat and blackjack temporary winnings) so i continued to play after i got back glued to the computer playing online poker tournaments and i have dumped another 20000 away.
this all sounds terrible typing out but i just go done with the last of my online poker and i just am tired of losing, i have dug myself a huge hole, i know i could have bought a house with the money i have lost in my lifetime and i am just so angry at myself for continuing to go back, i should have known from that day back in 2004 that gambling isn't right and i have a problem.
the good news is i am still relatively young and if i stop today, i could potentially rebuild. anyways long story, i just needed to tell somebody. thanks for reading.
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5dimes safe with exclusively Bitcoin?

All of the reports of fraud on 5dimes seems to be credit/debit card fraud. What's the consensus on using exclusively bitcoin on 5dimes? Would this avoid the risk of fraud? They seem to have the earliest lines with consistently reduced juice. Currently using Nitrogen/Bovada and have stopped using 5dimes, but miss having them as an option shopping lines. Should they be avoided entirely or just credit/debit deposits and bank withdrawals?
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How to bet online with 5Dimes and bitcoin 5dimes - All your degenerate needs How To Deposit Bitcoin At Your Sportsbook - YouTube How to Send & Receive Bitcoin with Cash App - YouTube How To Use Bitcoin For Sports Betting - YouTube

Bitcoin – No fees. Withdrawal limits are $50 to $10,000 unless you exclusively deposit by bitcoin. Then there’s no limit to the cash out amount. Bank Wire – $80 fee on top of any fees your bank may charge. Limits are $1,000 to $9,500. Take 4-6 days to hit your account. Account to Account Transfer – No fees. Minimum withdrawal of $50. 5Dimes now accepts bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. This article explains how to use make a deposit and withdrawal using bitcoin, and what your limits are. You can now deposit to 5Dimes using this method. The minimum deposit amount accepted in BTC is the equivalent of $25. The maximum deposit amount in the cashier is the equivalent of $10,000. You may choose to do multiple $10,000 transactions through our cashier, or contact the Customer Service Staff for details on higher single transaction deposit amounts. Accounts registering deposits below ... The first step to completing a Bitcoin deposit into your 5Dimes casino account is to create a wallet and fund it using one of the exchange services available in your country. Find a reliable exchange service where you can use a credit card, a check or another payment service to fund a Bitcoin purchase. Buy the amount of money in Bitcoins that you want to gamble with, and have all the money ... 5Dimes is one of the most recognized online gambling platforms, and it accepts a wide variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin. In this article, we’ll talk about how to make deposits and the subsequent withdrawals using BTC. Once you make a deposit, you’ll be able to play plenty of great USA online blackjack games that are offered on ...

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How to bet online with 5Dimes and bitcoin

http://5dimes.in Live support chat, Many ways to deposit including bitcoin. So, you've already invested in "The Secret to Successfully Gambling on Soccer" from http://www.soccersportsbettingsecrets.com and you've set up your account ... 5Dimes is the offshore elder statesmen of online sportsbooks. The site offers reduced margins, a number of deposit bonuses and free plays, and a huge number ... How to Send & Receive Bitcoin with Cash App - A tutorial on how to deposit and withdraw bitcoin using cash app. 💸 Get Cash App ($5 FREE): http://cash.me/app/... Discuss Bitcoin With SBR Forum Members: http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/bitcoin-sports-betting/ Find a Bitcoin Sportsbook: http://www.sportsbookreview....