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The $22,484.00 Butterfly Labs Mini Rig bitcoin miner is a huge, broken, unstable piece of shit.

(This was a rather controversial article posted on Buttcoin.org and became quite popular, even moving to the top of /bitcoin. It's since been mysteriously edited on the site [maybe by g-g-g-ghosts!] so it's being reposted here for posterity's sake. Some numbers may be off by now, but it was all accurate at the time of posting.)
Butterfly Labs has a long and horrible history with their mining rigs. They started taking pre-orders over a year ago, with a ship time sometime in late July. After numerous delays in production, shipping problems and general incompetence, the only thing they’ve managed to get out the door are some of their tiniest miners, the Jalapenos. And those mainly ended up in the hands of reviewers and blogs in order to keep pumping the Butterfly Labs hype train and securing millions of dollars of pre-orders still in limbo.Lucky BFL forums user Luke-JR however scored a sweet Mini Rig from Butterfly Labs (it’s just a coincidence he’s a driver developer for them I’m sure). This rig was originally promised to produce 1500 GH/s hashing power at 1500 watts for $30,000, but has since seen it’s hashing power slashed to a third of what was promised and it’s power consumption increased 75%, now just offer 500 GH/s at 2400 watts. They’ve promised to make good on pre-order buy sending out 3 rigs to match the initial hashing rate, so now it’s only 1500 GH/s at 6900 watts, a reduction in GH/Watt by a factor of 5.
So what does $22,484 buy you? Take a look!
Minirig is here! Today, my Minirig arrived.
FedEx apparently dropped it somewhere along the way, and the weakest part of the case, the thin metal part around the back of the PSU, broke.
I’m not sure how sturdy the back side was supposed to be, but its two pieces aren’t quite together either.
The power supplies (EVGA 1500W) also created havoc interfering with the neutral on the power line. This disrupted X10 communication significantly enough that the pool overflowed because the system controlling it was unable to turn off the pump. Workaround: This PSU supports 240V, so we rewired the outlet. 240V does not use neutral, so now all should be okay.
Edit: 240V workaround is only partial. Still having problems
But the good news is, it all seems to be working for the most part.
Next up, installing it in the window so the heat goes outside
A twenty two thousand dollar box of electronics that is broken out of the box, that required the guy to do a sketchy electrical workaround to get partially working, that he is going to install in a window… and he’s happy about it?
In case you didn’t notice it, the delivered unit is different than the picture on the website. They had to install 2 power supplies instead of 1 and had to modify the case to fit. Also, if you didn’t notice, the LCD/Phone thingy in the front has been replaced by … a piece of cardboard spray painted black. Wonderful.
You could maybe chalk this up to a careless Fedex postman, but when you’re shipping something that costs as much as a mid-sized sedan, how bought putting a little more effort into packing? Dell and HP can ship bigger and heavier servers across the world without this kind of problem.
The unit had to hit its huge power draw increase by putting dual EVGA consumer grade power supplies in the unit. We’re talking almost a 75 amp load (6*1500/120), disregarding power factor. He could very well overload the circuit panel and trip the main breaker for the house.
Let’s take a look inside this guy.
This is from an earlier version of the Minirig (note the single power supply) This is apparently from an earlier FPGA but it will give you a good glimpse at what kind of craftsmanship you can expect from a computer that is half the average household income in the United States.
Consumer grade PSU and cheap USB hubs glued to the inside case.
Electrical tape and random velcro glued to the insides
A closer look at the USB hubs. Plugs are hot glued to stay secured.
Electrical tape everywhere, splices and voided hardware are the theme.
You can view the entire album here.
Despite all that, this thing can still mine bitcoins and it should be profitable. Keep in ind that many people jumped in on the preorders a year ago when bitcoins were still hovering around $6.50 per. Meaning customers paid 1562 bitcoins for that particular piece of shit, which at today’s value is $156,200. Aston martin money. How long will it take them to make their money back (as apposed to just hanging on to them)? If the difficulty didn’t change, they would make 37 bitcoins a day and recoup the initial investment in 124 days. Difficulty is jumping pretty much 20% every 12 days or so, so in the next week before adjustment, they’ll make 259, the next 12 days 369, the next 12 days 312, then 256, then 213, etc.
So by day 127, they’ll be halfway to breaking even, but by day 151 they’ll be making less than 5 bitcoins a day, and even if difficulty stopped rising at that point(which it won’t), it would take another 435 days for a total of 586 days to break even. If difficulty kept rising at the same pace, by day 200 they’d be making 2.4 bitcoins per day, and it would take 1024 days to break even with no difficulty increase. Assuming 25 cents per kw/h, and $100 a bitcoin, it would cost 0.43 of a bitcoin per day in electricity which means the unit would no longer be profitable on a power usage basis by day 307, at which point it will have produced 2620 bitcoins.
Bear in mind this is only for the first few units, and that’s running 24/7 pumping out around 24,000 BTU, so yes, medical bills from heat stroke will be on top of that.
But Alas, the chips don’t run nearly as well as they’re supposed to, frequently running too hot and giving multiple hardware failures. Coindesk noted in one of the first ever runs of the Minirig by hosting provide gigavps that it was running much too hot and erroring out.
At the time of posting, gigavps warned that the unit would be repeatedly shut down while ckolivas, who was assisting, modified the machine’s software to optimise performance. After some tweaking, the device was said to have been left to run continuously for two hours, and was shown to have an average hash rate of 478.1 GH/s. As you can see in the table below, ASIC number four (of a total of eight hashing chips) ran significantly hotter (86 degrees) and consequently gave the highest hardware (HW) error rate.
So, what happens if you just decide you don’t want this, you don’t want to wait over a year to get a $22,000 broken piece of shit? Nothing, because BFL won’t let you cancel your preorder because they’re now “shipping”, i.e. they sent out one unit to their own company shill.
Which is of course illegal regardless of what Butterfly Labs may say.
So in summary: Don’t buy anything from Butterfly Labs … ever.
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Tracking the profit from a mining rig without buying it?

Earlier today, I decided I was interested in preordering an ASIC rig, specifically the Butterfly Labs "Jalapeno"(click 4.5 GH/s - $149). As a 13-year-old, I obviously can't place the order myself, so I asked my father for help. Now, I normally consider him a smart man, but when I approached him about this, he immediately assumed Bitcoins were a scam, probably because he hadn't heard about them until now, and knew nothing about them. He had me talk to my godfather (we're not religious, it's just a title he gave to one of his best friends), another person I normally consider smart and rational, who immediately took my father's position. We had a fairly long conversation on the issue, during which his position shifted from "It's a scam, don't do it" to "It seems too risky, I don't think it's a good idea." He has offered me a deal where I agree not to make this preorder, and if it turns out I would have made a profit in 10 years' time, he'll pay me what I would have gotten then, and if I wouldn't have, I won't owe him anything. Now, I'm inclined to take this offer, but my concern is that there's no way to track what the profit, if any, would be from a mining rig without having it. Is there any way you can think of to track what the profits from a mining rig would be without having one?
TLDR: Can you track what the profit would be from a mining rig without having it?
EDIT: Just a minor detail, my godfather's the one offering the deal, not my father. I'll probably offer a 2-3 year version of the deal and write a little script or something to estimate profits. At this point, the issue is that my father is the one who pays the electricity bill, so I'm not sure how to factor that in.
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Just got my first miner after 7 months of waiting.

I originally started the whole mining thing back in late Jan/early Feb. I didn't have any mining gear, so I used my gaming PC and gave up gaming for a while. After about a couple months of non-stop mining, I FINALLY had enough bitcoins to buy a rig. For about $165 I bought a 4.5/GHS Jalapeno.
Yesterday, after 7 long months of waiting for it, I received my Jalapeno from Butterfly Labs. The set up was pretty simple and now I'm running this bad boy 24/7 non-stop. It actually goes a bit faster. I paid for the 4.5/GHS, but I'm getting just under 6/GHS. It's pretty neat and while I'm not making a ton of money off it, I find it very interesting.
That being said, I'm still pretty much a noob at this, so if anyone has any suggestions or pro tips that they're willing to part with, I'd love any input.
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[US-CA][H] 5+GHs Bitcoin Miner (BFL Jalapeno) [W] Bitcoins or Paypal

I have a Bitcoin miner that I'd be willing to part with. I want to sell this model of Bitcoin miner. It is plug in and play, just grab the software/drivers from the Butterfly Labs Website and you will be making Bitcoins in no time. The miner only has about a month of wear. It will not be shipping with a PSU however, as I need it's PSU for another miner, but it just takes a standard 13V/6A DC PSU. I'm looking for ~40$ plus shipping. The miner tends to mine between 5 and 7 GHs.
Confrimation: http://i.imgur.com/Rp4Lbh6.jpg
I look forward to doing business with my fellow Redditors!
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My (unique) experience with BFL

My business relationship with Butterfly Labs permanently ended today, so I thought I'd break up the monotony of BFL refund advice and stories with the tale of a guy who bought from BFL and came out ahead in the end.
Last summer, I had my first real job, and was just finding out about this bitcoin business. I thought it was really cool, and wanted to get into mining. Back then, graphics cards were standard, and FPGAs were at the high end of the market. BFL was offering the best price/performance with their original FPGA single, which gave you like 800 MH/s or something. They also had a "coming soon" placeholder for their ASIC line, but not so much as a case rendering or preorder button yet.
Inevitably, I asked whether these people were legit. Google turned up threads where people dismissed it as a scam, a few brave souls preordered the box, and after a few delays, it came. Okay, a lot of delays. But the product existed, and that's all that matterd to me. I thought on it for a week or two, then decided to go for it.
So I went back to the website intending to buy a Single, but while I was in indecision, pre-orders had started. It was August 8, and they said they'd be shipping by October 2012 (lol). I had to decide whether to get the Single right away, then do a trade-in later, or go straight for a pre-order of four Jalapenos. Both cost the same. I fully expected some delays on the ASICs, but fugued they'd be out the door by February 2013, if not sooner (lol). So I figured I'd be better off having an early place on the ASIC pre-order list than to get the FPGA, but be near the end of the trade-in list. Call it a dumb decision, but if I hadn't gone that way, none of the following would have happened.
Time passed. The day the Little Single was announced, I switched my order to that. More time passed. I read Jody's blog every day. I was there for every Two More Weeks that ever came out of BFL's urban farming mouthpiece. And then, one day, nearly a year after this story began, on June 12, 2013, as if by a miracle, there was an e-mail in my inbox that said my order had been shipped.
But it wasn't right. They shipped me four Jalapenos, but I had changed my order to a Little Single. Little Singles weren't even shipping yet. I sent them an email explaining what had happened and asking them what I should do. Two weeks went by without a response, and the package came. I sent them another email with an update, then proceeded to plug all my new gear in. One of them was defective and mined only 200 MH/s for some reason. But the other three got about 6 GH/s. I waited for a response to my emails, and mined.
Weeks passed. Little Singles started shipping. I started phoning the office. I don't know what the deal is with their phones, but I only got voicemail (which they don't seem to check), until one day I discovered that if you phone them 3-5 times in rapid succession, you get through to someone. I told him my story. He said he'd look into it and get back to me later that day. I waited a week, then called back. He said that I could either ship back the defective one, and they'd send me three more Jalapenos, or I could ship back all four and they'd give me my Little Single. I asked how I'd be compensated for shipping. He said that I wouldn't be. I informed him that he was full of shit. He said he'd send me a fedex label. That afternoon, for the first time, possibly ever, Butterfly Labs followed through on a promise.
I waited two days, mined my eighth bitcoin, then shipped my gear back. They sent me my Little Single, I plugged it in, and that should have been the end of the story. At that point, I considered myself to have come out even. I had to stop mining for two weeks to do a product trade, but on the other hand, I started mining -albeit at a lower hash rate - sooner than I otherwise would have.
But then, two weeks ago... Remember those emails I sent back at the end of June? Well, Jody replied to the second one. Sorry about the mix-up, she said. Hope it's all right with you if we send you two extra Jalapenos, so that you needn't ship anything back. She wan't aware that the case had been resolved over the phone.
So what would you do in this situation? Yeah, I took 'em. They arrived today and are happily hashing away over in my little bookshelf bitcoin farm. As of now, I have 2.2x my original investment (including shipping and customs fees) in bitcoin, and I feel like a winner. I decided Butterfly Labs doesn't deserve the honesty I would probably have extended to most any other company.
So yeah, that's the long-winded story of how I profited from BFL's incompetence. Hope you enjoyed.
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[WTS] BFL 10.1 GHs Jalapeño & 60 GHs Singles Bitcoin Miners

Recently upgraded BFL Jalapeño to 10.1 GHs. ($600) Also have 4x BFL 60GHs Singles for sale as well. ($1800)
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Questions from someone who is new to Bitcoin

Hello, I am very interested in trying bitcoin or litecoin to make a few extra dollars here or there. I've done some research, and I have a few questions.
Right now, I'm looking at the Butterfly Labs Jalapeno. https://products.butterflylabs.com/homepage/5-gh-s-bitcoin-miner.html. It costs $275, and it processes 5GH/S. I ran that through the Bitcoin Calculator (https://bitclockers.com/calc) and it estimated that it would return $15,000 a year at bitcoin's current price of 148.00. (Click this link to see my settings: http://bitclockers.com/calc/mining_difficulty/7673000/difficulty_change/2/btc_per_block/25/value_per_btc/148.8/mhash_rate/5000/cost_per_kwh/0.12/watts_consumption/750/total_days/90/hardware_cost/250)
I'm pretty sure I'm missing something here. I figure there's no way I should expect that kind of return. What am I missing? How much should I expect to make? What advice would you offer to a noob like me? Right now, I'm mostly in the research phase, I don't want to dive in until I'm sure it's the right decision.
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Catchy & attention grabbing title: Check.
I'm selling my BFL miner on Ebay.
It sells in 4 days, so if you bid the highest, I'll accept Bitcoins as payment (you can see in the description I say that I'd accept alt-currencies, with a wink wink nudge nudge).
I don't THINK it's against the rules to post here for something on Ebay, if it is please let me know.
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What's my Butterfly Labs 5 GH/s ASIC miner worth?

I ordered a Butterfly Labs Jalapeno ASIC miner last June and it finally arrived today. With today's Bitcoin valuation (1 BTC = $125), this miner will generate about $800 a month.
Looking on eBay, pre-order BFL 5 GH/s miners are selling for over $1000. There's an immediate delivery 5 GH/s ASIC miner that sold for $3000. 1 GH/s FPGA miners have sold for $1500 (ModMiner Quad). If people are paying $1500 for 1 GH/s, then 5 GH/s should be worth $7500.
What's my miner worth? One sold for $3000. Extrapolating the FGPA miner, it could be worth as high as $7500. Should I sell the miner, or use it to mine? Difficulty is only going to increase, especially once ASIC miner shipping ramps up.
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BITCOIN MINER: JALAPEÑOS DE BUTTERFLY LABS (21 Gh/s) Butterfly Labs 5 GH/s ASIC Bitcoin mining rig, the Jalapeno Part 1 BUTTERFLYLABS 5 GH/s Bitcoin Miner ( Butterfly Labs Jalapeno ASIC Bitcoin Miner 5 GH Update auf 7-8 GH How to setup a 60 GH/s Butterfly Labs BFL Single SC ASIC Miner

Butterfly Labs Jalapeño Butterfly Labs Asic Bitcoin Mining Jalapeno 7+ Gh/s. Done. 2,284 views Butterfly Labs JalapeñoButterfly Labs Asic Bitcoin Mining Jalapeno 7+ Gh/s.By 0xF2 on 2014-01-11 19:26:51[wpr5_ebay kw=”bitcoin” num=”1″ ebcat=”” cid=”5338043562″ lang=”en-US” country=”0″ sort=”bestmatch”] Hashrate will fluxuate, typically stays within 5.7 -7.1 GH/S. Friday, September 11, 2020. News Feed Comments. Bitcoin Today. Cryptocurrency News and Information. Home; About; Contact; Disclosure Policy; Bitcoin Videos; eStore. Books ; Bitcoin Mining; Accessories; Bitcoin FAQs; Bitcoin Info; Bitcoin Tips; You are here: Home / eStore / Bitcoin Mining / Asic Bitcoin Miner – Butterfly Labs ... Kosten: 5 GH / s Bitcoin Miner - $ 274. 00. Shipping & Handling - 88 $ (bis Budapest, Ungarn) Upgrade auf 7 GH / S - 100 $ Total: 462 $ Er war sich der schlechten Bewertungen und des Forums bewusst Threads, die alle darauf hindeuteten, dass BFL spät kommt oder es eigentlich nie tut, aber er wollte sowieso versuchen, in den Bergbau zu kommen ... Butterfly Labs. Butterfly Labs manufactures a line of high speed encryption processors for use in bitcoin mining, research, telecommunication and security applications.

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