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So this site called bitkong.com is a crypto-climb game, meaning you have a set amount of bitcoin (or any other supported crypto in the game like bits or mBTC) or even actual money like USD or Euro’s, and you climb the chart of rewards, followed by a ding sound or a coconut-like shape telling you that you have won the next reward, or you get a poop-like symbol or a fart noise saying that you failed. At this time I do not believe there is a max bet of any sort, so if you have a lot of bitcoin, I would try this out! The only problem with this site, is that you can miss a LOT, like you can play it on the easiest difficulty and still miss 5–10 times in the same spot. If you want a recommendation from me, I would say stick to easy difficulty for now, because medium is a 50/50 shot at getting the rewards, and more times than not, I have missed, so medium is NOT worth it. Hard difficulty is also not worth trying because like easy difficulty, you have three slots to choose from, but only one of those is a win, easy has two slots open for you to win, so it can go from missing 5–10 times to missing 20–25 times, me personally? I have missed 50 times on the hard difficulty, in a row… Mostly on the same spot, probably about 35 times, the other 15 times were just unlucky I guess? Maybe this just is not my game to play. Also, if you do not have a bunch of bitcoin to start off with, than I would not even try to play this game, sometimes the faucet will pay you either 400 or 600 satoshi or like $0.04 in actual currency. This amount will go by REALLY fast when you are using it in-game and most times than not, I have just resorted to using all 400 or 600 in one bet, because I knew I would lose my money way to fast doing the game the legit way. Also, these 400–600 payouts are only during special events like during the weekend or during the weekdays at random points. So if you want to try out this game, I would highly suggest a couple of things, one being come with a bunch of money, well maybe not to much, let’s say around $20 in bitcoin or USD. Another being that, if you want to play the game for free, expect to lose a LOT, you will find yourself giving up more than it is worth, I am addicted to this game, so I play everyday, all the time pretty much. There are some pro’s to playing for free though, most people do I’m pretty sure, one pro is that you can ‘upgrade’ your account to what they call ‘hero’ level, which leads me to the next point, THE FAUCET…. IS BROKEN! The faucet is probably the best one I’ve ever seen, you can get 100 bits for free out of this faucet every 5 minutes! This is of course without any bonuses like the weekdays and weekends I was talking about earlier. Hero level gives you the opportunity to upgrade from getting 100 every 5 minutes to 200 every 5 minutes. There is another rank called ‘Legendary’ but the goal is basically next to impossible to get to, to get to the hero level, it’s not that bad, you have to play (win or lose basically) 1000 games and you have to spend in total 1 whole bitcoin. Another thing is this, you cannot claim these bonuses unless you sign up or in with FaceBook, that is the downside, I just made a fake user with a fake age, and signed up with them for free, but after you sign up you can make a bunch of bitcoin! The other rank like I was talking about before I rambled about FaceBook, is that to get the legendary rank, you have to play 10,000 games (which is not that bad to do, it’s the next one that is bad), and you have to at least had bet over 100 bitcoins! This is the worst, because I have already played around 1200 games and I have only invested about 100,000 satoshi, which is still 99,900,000 off from getting that hero rank. Chances are I will be playing this game for around 3–5 month’s at this rate to get that amount in so I can get that sweet bitcoin. I have zero clue what you get out of the faucet at legendary rank, but I have a feeling it is 300 bits instead of 200 which is nice, but it will take me at my current rate, around 2–3 years to get that rank, unless I hit the jackpot or invest money into this. So I will leave this with a warning: Do not play this game if you can get addicted easily like I have, I already know that if I had more money to spend I would easily spend all of it on this site. If you have self-control over what you can and cannot spend, than I would suggest this game to you personally! The max amount of money that I would spend on this game if I was not addicted would probably be about $5 or maybe $10, do not go spending $100 or $1000 on this game like some people have. Can you make some serious money if you deposit $1000 and hit the coconut and not the poop, YES! But the game knows on how much you are betting, and they will make you fail if it is over around 4000 bits, you will lose more than you will win it seems. Before you ask, the most I have won so far has been 10,000 satoshi, and I bet all of it at once and lost it, thinking I could get an easy profit. I do not have any strategy towards this game other than if you lose all your bitcoin, get some from the faucet and bet all 100 or 400 or 600 whatever and just hope like heck you get the first two or three rows from the start. You could try doing the old school strategy which is get around 1k satoshi and than do these steps. Bet 10 satoshi on the first roll, try to go up 5 rows and than cash out, if you lose try betting 20, than go up four rows, if you win, cash out. If you lose bet 50 and than go up three rows, if you win cash out, if you don’t than go up to 100 bits and go up two rows. If you win than definitely cash out, if you lose than go up to 200 bits, here is where you go up one row, but here is my concern after reading this from someone else’s post. When you bet 100 and lose, going up to 200 and than not winning is an instant loss, so if you want to try going up to 400 or 500 satoshi and go up one row, otherwise you will lose about 80–100 satoshi in profits. Thank you for reading this if you even do, this is not a money guaranteed site, you have to have at least 200,000 satoshi to withdraw or 0.002 bitcoin, and winning this off of no purchases is next to impossible. Have a good day, and maybe I will update this page with some new strategies or something if I devise any.
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7 High Paying Bitcoin Faucet 2020 Live Withdraw Proof ...

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