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Hi guys,
min0.01BTC= 10% + your initial investment (in 3 days)
min0.1 BTC= 30% + again your initial investment (in 10 days)
min0.5 BTC=400% + i think you got this by now... yes your initial investment (in 30 days)

To get to the landing page now, use this link: [[link]2

For more information:
The team consists of trading brokers from NYC with over 30 years experience in trading stocks, and 5 years experience in trading cryptocurrency. They'd rather remain in secrecy for security purposes as they hold a lot of different coins. They are also partnered up with big players in cryptocurrency Binance, BITREX, CEX10, Coinbase, HitBTC, Kraken.
Now you may ask how this possible well I ll quote them they'll explain it better than me: "A “pump and dump” is the LEGAL ACT of an investor or group of investors promoting a stock they hold and selling once the stock price has risen.
We start buying large volumes of a coin with low trading volume. Let’s say that the trading volume is 100.000.000 PACcoins per day. Our group starts buying the coin, placing a huge buy wall of, for example, 50.000.000 PACcoins.
This increase in price attracts other investors looking to make a profit. That way, the demand slowly turns into reality, as more and more people want to buy the coin.
When the price is high enough, we start selling the large amount of coins we bought earlier. This results in an incredible large profit for us, from 200% to 250% each time we “pump”, also increasing the overall price of the coin we choose to bump." (Bitcoininvest, 2018)."

Also I checked their reviews which are recent and seem authentic! They have 1,404 comments.

Thanks for your time and have fun investing,

Invest your bitcoins to Earn Interest + plus your initial investment back
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Summer Crypto Trading Plan Help

Hello! I've been reading stocks for about 3 years now with decent results and now I'm going to start with Cryptocurrencies. I'm not a noob when it comes to Bitcoin and Altcoins but I would still appreciate some advice on my trading plan for this summer. Basically here it is:
Every week add 50 into my Bitrex/Polienex account
Divide my account equally into 5 different coins
2 coins are automatically going to be Bitcoin and Ethereum
Other 3 can be more risky shitcoins (Need Recommendations)
At the end of 3 months cash out account
Sounds good? Any tips tricks or advice?
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