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Earn bitcoins by altcoin trading on Cryptsy. Can earn nice profits even by using bitcoin faucet earnings.

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As bitcoins have raised so has there been a boom in altcoin prices as well, only with cheaper buy prices and larger increases.
If you watch the current news of altcoins on bitcointalk's altcoin board you can find out currencies to buy and what ones to sell rather easily.
Yesterday I decided that the bitcoins that I had earned from faucets weren't going to earn me any decent profit so I decided to try my luck trading it for altcurrency on an exchange.
On bitcointalk I read about a currency called Quark which had very quick transactions and had gained the interest of an economist. I noticed the price was less than a cent and decided to try to use my bitcoins to buy some.
For 0.00469056 BTC I bought 470 QRK. This includes the 20% transaction fee
Right now each QRK is valued at ~0.00004 each which makes what I bought yesterday currently worth. 0.0188 BTC.
That is a 0.01410944 BTC profit in one day from doing a little research. ~$13.5 profit.
By watching cheaper currencies you can turn your small amount of bitcoins into much larger amounts. For example today a coin called Stablecoin relaunched and removed the premining that people disliked about the coin. The people quick to the exchange bought at 0.00000336 and it is now valued at 0.00002898. A raise of 862% in less than a day.
ONLY risk what you are willing to lose.
The best sites in my opinion to get started earning from bitcoin faucets are since they can be opened in tabs and earn through minimum effort. Bitvisitor pays every hour and pays every money.
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earn much vta easy (few 1000 a day)

i am new here and i would like to share a method to get a few 1000 vta each day.
first register: 9kw here
second bitvisitor and enter your address and do 1 add
third download: auto filler
open the config file of downloaded folder.
enter bitcoin address and the api key
now go back to 9kw here and click captcha.
do some captcha's (1.5 captcha's is 1 visit and you can do as many as you like at once so the site can run for a few days)
now run the WINDOWS.bat file and wait
now send the coins to exchange and trade.
now send all your coins to an exchange and trade for vta
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