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Having trouble with the Bitcoin-QT program on Mac, can anyone help?

I have been trying to run the Bitcoin-QT wallet program for the past few days, and can't figure out whats stopping it from working.
I am using a Mac OSX (10.6.8), running Bitcoin-QT(v0.6.3-Beta)
The first time I opened the program, it began downloading transaction blocks at a slow, but steady, rate. I left the computer on overnight, hoping it would be done by morning. Alas, I awoke the next morning to find that not only had it not finished, but that it was stuck, and would download no more. On the bottom of the screen it shows that I am still "catching up", having downloaded 151291 of 185333 block transactions (%81.63, last block loaded from 313 days ago). It also shows "WARNING: Displayed transactions may not be correct! You may need to upgrade, or other nodes may need to upgrade."
I've tried restarting, rebooting, re downloading, all to no avail. Looking at the bitcoin website, it appears that 0.6.3 is the most recent client, so I'm not sure what I am meant to upgrade to.
If anyone can advise me on what to do, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Bitcoin Core is supported and extensively tested on operating systems using the Linux kernel, macOS 10.10+, and Windows 7 and newer. It is not recommended to use Bitcoin Core on unsupported systems. Bitcoin Core should also work on most other Unix-like systems but is not as frequently tested on them. Notable changes Wallet changes Segwit Wallet. Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 introduces full support for segwit in the wallet and user interfaces. A new -addresstype argument has been added, which supports legacy, p2sh-segwit (default), and bech32 addresses. It controls what kind of addresses are produced by getnewaddress, getaccountaddress, and createmultisigaddress. My mac is a 2.3GHz Intel Corei5 with 8GB ram. So... not exactly a tree sloth of a computer, and it has taken a few days.. and now it is sitting at around 70% at not appearing to make any further progress.. I cant see any any errors being thrown, but.. if this is "normal", and I am a noob with bitcoins.. then this does not bode well at least for a Mac bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin v0.8.1-beta PS ... 1. Install Bitcoin-Qt Since version 0.9, Bitcoin-Qt was renamed to Bitcoin Core t o reduce confusion between Bitcoin-the-network and Bitcoin-the-software. Bitcoin Core is a full Bitcoin client. It is a thick client, meaning it requires the full blockchain (explained below) on local disk to operate and expose blockchain back to the network to help relay and verify transactions. Start bitcoin-qt (on OS X 10.12.3) using a custom data directory ### Expected behaviour The QT UI should appear. ### Actual behaviour Tell us what happens instead ### Screenshots. If the issue is related to the GUI, screenshots can be added to this issue via drag & drop. ### What version of bitcoin-core are you using? List the version number/commit ID, and if it is an official binary, self ...

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