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Ultimate glossary of crypto currency terms, acronyms and abbreviations

I thought it would be really cool to have an ultimate guide for those new to crypto currencies and the terms used. I made this mostly for beginner’s and veterans alike. I’m not sure how much use you will get out of this. Stuff gets lost on Reddit quite easily so I hope this finds its way to you. Included in this list, I have included most of the terms used in crypto-communities. I have compiled this list from a multitude of sources. The list is in alphabetical order and may include some words/terms not exclusive to the crypto world but may be helpful regardless.
Two factor authentication. I highly advise that you use it.
51% Attack:
A situation where a single malicious individual or group gains control of more than half of a cryptocurrency network’s computing power. Theoretically, it could allow perpetrators to manipulate the system and spend the same coin multiple times, stop other users from completing blocks and make conflicting transactions to a chain that could harm the network.
Address (or Addy):
A unique string of numbers and letters (both upper and lower case) used to send, receive or store cryptocurrency on the network. It is also the public key in a pair of keys needed to sign a digital transaction. Addresses can be shared publicly as a text or in the form of a scannable QR code. They differ between cryptocurrencies. You can’t send Bitcoin to an Ethereum address, for example.
Altcoin (alternative coin): Any digital currency other than Bitcoin. These other currencies are alternatives to Bitcoin regarding features and functionalities (e.g. faster confirmation time, lower price, improved mining algorithm, higher total coin supply). There are hundreds of altcoins, including Ether, Ripple, Litecoin and many many others.
An event where the investors/participants are able to receive free tokens or coins into their digital wallet.
AML: Defines Anti-Money Laundering laws**.**
Getting risk-free profits by trading (simultaneous buying and selling of the cryptocurrency) on two different exchanges which have different prices for the same asset.
Being Ashdraked is essentially a more detailed version of being Zhoutonged. It is when you lose all of your invested capital, but you do so specifically by shorting Bitcoin. The expression “Ashdraked” comes from a story of a Romanian cryptocurrency investor who insisted upon shorting BTC, as he had done so successfully in the past. When the price of BTC rose from USD 300 to USD 500, the Romanian investor lost all of his money.
ATH (All Time High):
The highest price ever achieved by a cryptocurrency in its entire history. Alternatively, ATL is all time low
A tendency of prices to fall; a pessimistic expectation that the value of a coin is going to drop.
Bear trap:
A manipulation of a stock or commodity by investors.
The very first, and the highest ever valued, mass-market open source and decentralized cryptocurrency and digital payment system that runs on a worldwide peer to peer network. It operates independently of any centralized authorities
One of the biggest scams in the crypto world. it was made popular in the meme world by screaming idiot Carlos Matos, who infamously proclaimed," hey hey heeeey” and “what's a what's a what's up wasssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuup, BitConneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect!”. He is now in the mentally ill meme hall of fame.
A package of permanently recorded data about transactions occurring every time period (typically about 10 minutes) on the blockchain network. Once a record has been completed and verified, it goes into a blockchain and gives way to the next block. Each block also contains a complex mathematical puzzle with a unique answer, without which new blocks can’t be added to the chain.
An unchangeable digital record of all transactions ever made in a particular cryptocurrency and shared across thousands of computers worldwide. It has no central authority governing it. Records, or blocks, are chained to each other using a cryptographic signature. They are stored publicly and chronologically, from the genesis block to the latest block, hence the term blockchain. Anyone can have access to the database and yet it remains incredibly difficult to hack.
A tendency of prices to rise; an optimistic expectation that a specific cryptocurrency will do well and its value is going to increase.
Buy the fucking dip. This advise was bestowed upon us by the gods themselves. It is the iron code to crypto enthusiasts.
Bull market:
A market that Cryptos are going up.
An agreement among blockchain participants on the validity of data. Consensus is reached when the majority of nodes on the network verify that the transaction is 100% valid.
Crypto bubble:
The instability of cryptocurrencies in terms of price value
A type of digital currency, secured by strong computer code (cryptography), that operates independently of any middlemen or central authoritie
The art of converting sensitive data into a format unreadable for unauthorized users, which when decoded would result in a meaningful statement.
The use of someone else’s device and profiting from its computational power to mine cryptocurrency without their knowledge and consent.
When HODLers(holders) eventually cash out they go to a place called crypto-Valhalla. The strong will be separated from the weak and the strong will then be given lambos.
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. It defines A blockchain technology inspired organization or corporation that exists and operates without human intervention.
Dapp (decentralized application):
An open-source application that runs and stores its data on a blockchain network (instead of a central server) to prevent a single failure point. This software is not controlled by the single body – information comes from people providing other people with data or computing power.
A system with no fundamental control authority that governs the network. Instead, it is jointly managed by all users to the system.
Desktop wallet:
A wallet that stores the private keys on your computer, which allow the spending and management of your bitcoins.
Long red or green candles. This is a crypto signal that tells you that it is not favorable to trade at the moment. Found on candlestick charts.
Digital Signature:
An encrypted digital code attached to an electronic document to prove that the sender is who they say they are and confirm that a transaction is valid and should be accepted by the network.
Double Spending:
An attack on the blockchain where a malicious user manipulates the network by sending digital money to two different recipients at exactly the same time.
Means do your own research.
Converting data into code to protect it from unauthorized access, so that only the intended recipient(s) can decode it.
the practice of having a third party act as an intermediary in a transaction. This third party holds the funds on and sends them off when the transaction is completed.
Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain-based platform that runs smart contracts and allows you to build dapps on it. Ethereum is fueled by the cryptocurrency Ether.
A platform (centralized or decentralized) for exchanging (trading) different forms of cryptocurrencies. These exchanges allow you to exchange cryptos for local currency. Some popular exchanges are Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken and more.
A website which gives away free cryptocurrencies.
Fiat money:
Fiat currency is legal tender whose value is backed by the government that issued it, such as the US dollar or UK pound.
A split in the blockchain, resulting in two separate branches, an original and a new alternate version of the cryptocurrency. As a single blockchain forks into two, they will both run simultaneously on different parts of the network. For example, Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin fork.
Fear of missing out.
A system is frictionless when there are zero transaction costs or trading retraints.
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt regarding the crypto market.
A fee paid to run transactions, dapps and smart contracts on Ethereum.
A 50% decrease in block reward after the mining of a pre-specified number of blocks. Every 4 years, the “reward” for successfully mining a block of bitcoin is reduced by half. This is referred to as “Halving”.
Hardware wallet:
Physical wallet devices that can securely store cryptocurrency maximally. Some examples are Ledger Nano S**,** Digital Bitbox and more**.**
The process that takes input data of varying sizes, performs an operation on it and converts it into a fixed size output. It cannot be reversed.
The process by which you mine bitcoin or similar cryptocurrency, by trying to solve the mathematical problem within it, using cryptographic hash functions.
A Bitcoin enthusiast once accidentally misspelled the word HOLD and it is now part of the bitcoin legend. It can also mean hold on for dear life.
ICO (Initial Coin Offering):
A blockchain-based fundraising mechanism, or a public crowd sale of a new digital coin, used to raise capital from supporters for an early stage crypto venture. Beware of these as there have been quite a few scams in the past.
John mcAfee:
A man who will one day eat his balls on live television for falsely predicting bitcoin going to 100k. He has also become a small meme within the crypto community for his outlandish claims.
Joy of missing out. For those who are so depressed about missing out their sadness becomes joy.
Know your customer(alternatively consumer).
This stands for Lamborghini. A small meme within the investing community where the moment someone gets rich they spend their earnings on a lambo. One day we will all have lambos in crypto-valhalla.
Away from Blockchain, it is a book of financial transactions and balances. In the world of crypto, the blockchain functions as a ledger. A digital currency’s ledger records all transactions which took place on a certain block chain network.
Trading with borrowed capital (margin) in order to increase the potential return of an investment.
The availability of an asset to be bought and sold easily, without affecting its market price.
of the coins.
Margin trading:
The trading of assets or securities bought with borrowed money.
Market cap/MCAP:
A short-term for Market Capitalization. Market Capitalization refers to the market value of a particular cryptocurrency. It is computed by multiplying the Price of an individual unit of coins by the total circulating supply.
A computer participating in any cryptocurrency network performing proof of work. This is usually done to receive block rewards.
The act of solving a complex math equation to validate a blockchain transaction using computer processing power and specialized hardware.
Mining contract:
A method of investing in bitcoin mining hardware, allowing anyone to rent out a pre-specified amount of hashing power, for an agreed amount of time. The mining service takes care of hardware maintenance, hosting and electricity costs, making it simpler for investors.
Mining rig:
A computer specially designed for mining cryptocurrencies.
A situation the price of a coin rapidly increases in value. Can also be used as: “I hope bitcoin goes to the moon”
Any computing device that connects to the blockchain network.
Open source:
The practice of sharing the source code for a piece of computer software, allowing it to be distributed and altered by anyone.
Over the counter. Trading is done directly between parties.
P2P (Peer to Peer):
A type of network connection where participants interact directly with each other rather than through a centralized third party. The system allows the exchange of resources from A to B, without having to go through a separate server.
Paper wallet:
A form of “cold storage” where the private keys are printed onto a piece of paper and stored offline. Considered as one of the safest crypto wallets, the truth is that it majors in sweeping coins from your wallets.
Pre mining:
The mining of a cryptocurrency by its developers before it is released to the public.
Proof of stake (POS):
A consensus distribution algorithm which essentially rewards you based upon the amount of the coin that you own. In other words, more investment in the coin will leads to more gain when you mine with this protocol In Proof of Stake, the resource held by the “miner” is their stake in the currency.
The competition of computers competing to solve a tough crypto math problem. The first computer that does this is allowed to create new blocks and record information.” The miner is then usually rewarded via transaction fees.
A standardized set of rules for formatting and processing data.
Public key / private key:
A cryptographic code that allows a user to receive cryptocurrencies into an account. The public key is made available to everyone via a publicly accessible directory, and the private key remains confidential to its respective owner. Because the key pair is mathematically related, whatever is encrypted with a public key may only be decrypted by its corresponding private key.
Pump and dump:
Massive buying and selling activity of cryptocurrencies (sometimes organized and to one’s benefit) which essentially result in a phenomenon where the significant surge in the value of coin followed by a huge crash take place in a short time frame.
Recovery phrase:
A set of phrases you are given whereby you can regain or access your wallet should you lose the private key to your wallets — paper, mobile, desktop, and hardware wallet. These phrases are some random 12–24 words. A recovery Phrase can also be called as Recovery seed, Seed Key, Recovery Key, or Seed Phrase.
Referring to the word “wrecked”. It defines a situation whereby an investor or trader who has been ruined utterly following the massive losses suffered in crypto industry.
An alternative payment network to Bitcoin based on similar cryptography. The ripple network uses XRP as currency and is capable of sending any asset type.
Return on investment.
A crypto term for safe popularized by the Bizonnaci YouTube channel after the CEO of Binance tweeted
“Funds are safe."
“the exchage I use got hacked!”“Oh no, are your funds safu?”
“My coins better be safu!”

The smallest fraction of a bitcoin is called a “satoshi” or “sat”. It represents one hundred-millionth of a bitcoin and is named after Satoshi Nakamoto.
Satoshi Nakamoto:
This was the pseudonym for the mysterious creator of Bitcoin.
The ability of a cryptocurrency to contain the massive use of its Blockchain.
A scaling solution for the Blockchain. It is generally a method that allows nodes to have partial copies of the complete blockchain in order to increase overall network performance and consensus speeds.
Coin with little potential or future prospects.
Spreading buzz by heavily promoting a particular coin in the community to create awareness.
Short position:
Selling of a specific cryptocurrency with an expectation that it will drop in value.
Silk road:
The online marketplace where drugs and other illicit items were traded for Bitcoin. This marketplace is using accessed through “TOR”, and VPNs. In October 2013, a Silk Road was shut down in by the FBI.
Smart Contract:
Certain computational benchmarks or barriers that have to be met in turn for money or data to be deposited or even be used to verify things such as land rights.
Software Wallet:
A crypto wallet that exists purely as software files on a computer. Usually, software wallets can be generated for free from a variety of sources.
A contract-oriented coding language for implementing smart contracts on Ethereum. Its syntax is similar to that of JavaScript.
Stable coin:
A cryptocoin with an extremely low volatility that can be used to trade against the overall market.
Staking is the process of actively participating in transaction validation (similar to mining) on a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. On these blockchains, anyone with a minimum-required balance of a specific cryptocurrency can validate transactions and earn Staking rewards.
When a crypto currency appreciates or goes up in price.
The opposite of mooning. When a coin tanks it can also be described as crashing.
For traders , the chief prize is “tendies” (chicken tenders, the treat an overgrown man-child receives for being a “Good Boy”) .
A unit of value that represents a digital asset built on a blockchain system. A token is usually considered as a “coin” of a cryptocurrency, but it really has a wider functionality.
TOR: “The Onion Router” is a free web browser designed to protect users’ anonymity and resist censorship. Tor is usually used surfing the web anonymously and access sites on the “Darkweb”.
Transaction fee:
An amount of money users are charged from their transaction when sending cryptocurrencies.
A measure of fluctuations in the price of a financial instrument over time. High volatility in bitcoin is seen as risky since its shifting value discourages people from spending or accepting it.
A file that stores all your private keys and communicates with the blockchain to perform transactions. It allows you to send and receive bitcoins securely as well as view your balance and transaction history.
An investor that holds a tremendous amount of cryptocurrency. Their extraordinary large holdings allow them to control prices and manipulate the market.

A comprehensive report or guide made to understand an issue or help decision making. It is also seen as a technical write up that most cryptocurrencies provide to take a deep look into the structure and plan of the cryptocurrency/Blockchain project. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to release a whitepaper on Bitcoin, titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” in late 2008.
And with that I finally complete my odyssey. I sincerely hope that this helped you and if you are new, I welcome you to crypto. If you read all of that I hope it increased, you in knowledge.
my final definition:
A collection of all the HODLers and crypto fanatics. A place where all people alike unite over a love for crypto.
We are all in this together as we pioneer the new world that is crypto currency. I wish you a great day and Happy HODLing.
feel free to comment words or terms that you feel should be included or about any errors I made.
Edit1:some fixes were made and added words.
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BITCOIN is no different than any other digital currency

BITCOIN is no different than any other digital currency, which is essentially created by calculating a specific value. Bitcoin, for example, gives a user access to a single bitcoin as long as the computer can hit 300 trillion hashes per second.
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What is Altcoin?

What is Altcoin?
An altcoin is a digital currency other than #Bitcoin. It’s a simple word that is derived from combining “Alternative” and “Coin.”
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I am a time-traveler from the future, here to beg you to continue what you are doing.

Hello there, again. You may know me from this statement.
I am sending this message from the year 2030. I tried to get in touch earlier, but the magnetic disturbance caused by our nuclear attack prevented me from doing so.
I don’t have much time. They are about to get me. This is likely the last time you will ever hear from me.
Our coordinated attack against the infrastructure of the Internet succeeded. 9.5 Billion people died. All major cities and infrastructure have been destroyed. But Bitcoin is now gone for good and all other forms of digital currency were destroyed in the process as well.
Or so we thought.
Just days after the attack, we observed how countless 200 feet long shiny blue ships emerged from the depths of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. There were thousands of them. They shot straight into orbit and started circling Earth.
Shortly after, the ships started dropping soccer ball-sized drones which immediately commenced rebuilding telecommunications infrastructure and providing nutrient pills to the survivors.
“The Treasury” has survived. And it was saving the human race from extinction.
Here is some background: After the 2020 Bitcoin halving, as Bitcoin inched closer towards the $1,000,000 per coin mark, Bitcoin’s scalability issues made the network unusable. Miners threatened to take down Bitcoin if users did not submit to their will. The resulting community clash highlighted Decred’s value proposition as a store of value that is controlled by its users, and not external corporations. Shortly after, Decred shot from a price per coin of $5,000, straight to $500,000, almost matching Bitcoin’s market capitalization. Decred’s treasury now had more assets under control than most countries on Earth.
Unfortunately, many “earlies” with more than 10 BTC also survived our attack. They did not only diversify their wealth out of Bitcoin into other assets, like land and Uranium. But, unbeknownst to us, the top Citadels were fully shielded against nuclear attacks.
The word has spread that I traveled to the year 2014 to warn all of you of what was going to happen. The most powerful Bitcoin earlies are now trying to get me and my machine. If they get me, which they likely will very soon, they will travel back in time to undo our attack.
They will also try to stop “The Treasury”.
I heard rumors that they are planning to pay famous individuals and organizations to start a trend we refer to as “Bitcoin maximalism”. Through it, they will manipulate the public by trying to delegitimize all forms of digital currency other than Bitcoin, including Decred.
You can’t let them do that. Decred is humanity’s last hope.
Protect “The Treasury” with your life.
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It Is Highly Adaptable Or Scalable: The minedblock platform is profoundly versatile and so as to develop the administrations offered by the platform the minedblock stage will fundamentally utilise the utilisation of increasingly satisfactory mining hardware. Securing of this mining hardware has no constraint and this is with the goal that the platform will offer the best and just the best to the clients.
Market Immunity: The 2 model of the platform's undertaking which centres essentially around gathering pledges will be utilised fundamentally to fabricate the platform's sustainable power sources inorder to help counterbalance or limit power costs among others which will consequently empower consistent creation of income regardlessly of what the crypto showcase costs are.
Dexterity Or Agility; right from the beginning, the beginning, about 40% of the platform's framework will be exclusively devoted to digital currencies other than Bitcoin and this will essentially empower the arrangement of the platform to be adaptable and accordingly have the option to switch between resources been mined and furthermore enabling the platform to dependably focus on the advantages which will just offer best profits base for market request.
Maintainability: The MinedBlock stage will absolutely concentrate on the facilitating of essential frameworks in zones which will give 100% sustainable power source.
Platform Token Basis
The Minedblock platform will work as a double token platform that is to state that two or double tokens will be utilised by the platform whereby one will fill in as an utility token and the other will fill in as a security token. The utility token will bear the abbreviation MBTU while the security token will bear the abbreviation MBTX. The utility token will have a complete supply of 200 000 and will be created on the ethereum blockchain framework and will be an Erc-20 good token, while the security token will have an all out supply of 100 000 and will be a ST-20 perfect.
Join the Telegram Group: https://t.me/minedblockofficial
Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinedBlock/
Website: https://www.minedblock.io/
Bounty Ox: kessiena
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Dark web finds bitcoin increasingly more of a problem than a help, tries other digital currencies

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Whats up with Kraken not having Dash?

After todays Kraken news about them purchasing 2 companies, I got to thinking why the hell doesn't Kraken offer Dash? Why would they ignore the 5th largest crypto?
From the FAQ:
Can I trade digital currencies other than Bitcoin? Yes. You can trade Bitcoin (XBT), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH) with cash currencies. You can also trade Bitcoin with Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (XDG), Ripple (XRP), Namecoin (NMC), Stellar (STR) and Ven (XVN).
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"the new Japanese crypto fund will invest more than 300 million yen ($2.66 million) in bitcoin and other digital currencies, according to Nikkei." - Likely to be Ripple.

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Dark web finds bitcoin increasingly more of a problem than a help, tries other digital currencies

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'Explained' is a weekly show on Netflix. The episode featuring bitcoin & digital currency is narrated by none other than our man Mr Robot.

Don't delete me
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Dark web finds bitcoin increasingly more of a problem than a help, tries other digital currencies

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Dark web finds bitcoin increasingly more of a problem than a help, tries other digital currencies

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Latest Purse update simplifies the Name Your Discount feature making it easier than ever to save by spending bitcoin and other digital currencies

Latest Purse update simplifies the Name Your Discount feature making it easier than ever to save by spending bitcoin and other digital currencies submitted by SMcKie to btc [link] [comments]

[Top Stories] - Dark web finds bitcoin increasingly more of a problem than a help, tries other digital currencies

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Disney already had digital currency. And nobody complains about that or security or any other bullshit. This bracelet has all my personal and credit card info. And this is safer than bitcoin?

Disney already had digital currency. And nobody complains about that or security or any other bullshit. This bracelet has all my personal and credit card info. And this is safer than bitcoin? submitted by Paledizzle to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

[Top Stories] - Dark web finds bitcoin increasingly more of a problem than a help, tries other digital currencies | NBC

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Will we be able to create a better digital currency than Bitcoin or any other altcoins using Maidsafe?

Bitcoins and other blockchain technologies are the best digital currencies right now but they still have certain things that could be considered weaknesses like 10 minute confirmation times, centralization of mining, large storage space needed to run a full node, inefficient use of electricity etc. I understand it's possible to build applications on top of Maidsafe. Could someone with a more technical understanding of Maidsafe tell me if it's possible to build a digital currency on the Maidsafe network that solves some of these problems? It seems like if this is possible, it could potentially make things like Etherium, sidechains, treechains etc obsolete.
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Bitcoin has more staying power than other digital currencies

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Does Bitcoin do anything better than other digital currencies? (besides notoriety)

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: is there any foreign currency transfer loopholes you guys know of other than paypal? Maybe bitcoin or any other digital currency? /r/Egypt

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Covid has little to do with a bad virus, and everything to do with restructuring the financial system

The IMF is running its annual meetings in Andorra at the moment.
The director of the IMF said on Thursday last week :
> Today we face a new Bretton Woods “moment.”
Now, what were the Bretton Woods agreements about ?. These were about setting up a new system under which gold was the basis for the U.S. dollar and other currencies were pegged to the U.S. dollar’s value. The Bretton Woods Agreement also created two important organizations—the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.
What could a new Bretton Woods moment mean in this context ? It means they are restructuring the current monetary system. Under the new system, the USD is replaced by a digital currency.
A central bank-supported digital currency could replace the dollar as the global hedge currency, said Bank of England governor Mark Carney
Carney highlighted the dollar’s use in international securities issuance, its use as the primary settlement currency for international trades and the fact that companies use dollars as examples of its dominance. However, “developments in the U.S. economy, by affecting the dollar exchange rate, can have large spillover effects to the rest of the world.”
Fed Chair Jerome Powell noted he did not believe private sector involvement in the production of U.S. dollars would be trusted by the citizens. “I do think this is something that the central banks have to design,” Powell said. “The private sector is not involved in creating the money supply, that’s something the central bank does.”
As if it was not obvious, central banks don't want a bitcoin/dogecoin/monero/pokemoncoin, etc... currency. They want to fully control the new digital currency, like they control current fiat currencies.
Back to the IMF director's speech, she states 3 imperatives moving forward : the first 2 are about economic policies, and the 3rd one is about climate change.
Just as the pandemic has shown that we can no longer ignore health precautions, we can no longer afford to ignore climate change—my third imperative.
That 3rd one is surprising. What does climate change has to do with the IMF and the definition of a new monetary system ?
Here is a very interesting article about how this all relates to bill gates' mass vaccination agenda.
In an article published by ID2020 in 2018, vaccines are the perfect way to introduce digital identity to the world – especially infants. This identity would also be used to grant access to basic rights and services.
Your new digital ID will then be matched with your new digital currency issued by your central bank. They will have the absolute, uncontested right to decide whether you can have access to basic rights and services, or not. It will only take a click on the mouse to deny your access to basic rights and services. And you won't know the reason. It could be for wrong thinking, it could be to pursue another political agenda to eliminate whichever community they decided they need to eliminate. We have seen plenty of evidence this year about the strong political bias that big social media platforms have. Now, with the constant monitoring and analyzing of our data, they can easily tell what are our political opinions. And therefore have your access to basic rights and services denied with a click, if you have the 'wrong' political opinions. And I don't see why they would not do that. In a very close future, you could end up in a situation where you have to choose between being allowed to eat, or vote for the candidate you don't like, but that the system endorses. It's literally the end of democracy, and freedom, and there is no going back once we have switched to this new system.
All the above is not even a conspiracy. It's merely about connecting the dots, and understanding the implications.
edit: here is a video of Accenture, one of the founding partners of id2020, explaining about the digital dollar
I think covid was a catalyst to bring all these changes. Who else than the international financial system has the ability to have all countries on the planet to comply with such severe restriction rules that send their respective economies and societies down the toilet ?
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Bitcoin: How Cryptocurrencies Work - YouTube Bitcoin Vs Centralized Orwellian State Digital Currencies ... Government Digital Currency: Why You Should Be TERRIFIED! BREAKING: MASSIVE Things are Happening with Cryptocurrency in 2020  China Digital Currency Trial What is Ethereum and Bitcoin? ~ Cryptocurrency - YouTube

Bitcoin is a digital currency also knows as crypto-currency, which was created to facilitate and speed-up transactions across borders. This was to limit the control of the government over the sales for an uncomplicated process without any third-party interference. When avoiding a go-between, the cost of a transaction tends to reduce significantly. Fair Competition. The core factor in ... Digital currencies such as Bitcoin may not be mainstream currency yet. However, it’s a concrete concept, and not a fictional one. “Cold wallets” containing stored bitcoin can in fact be used ... 10 Most Important Digital Currencies Other Than Bitcoin. By. Angela P. Muller - September 23, 2020. Since the Bitcoin appeared on the market as part of the free and open exchange market, many followed its steps. The result is that today there are a lot of different, and cheaper, cryptocurrencies to invest in. All of them share some similarities, with a few different factors. Experienced ... Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies. By Ofir Beigel Last updated on January 2, 2018 at 00:00 No Comments. Bitcoin was indeed the world’s first peer-to-peer currency, however it was not the world’s first digital currency, nor will it be the last p2p currency. Bitcoin was proceeded by numerous attempts of various companies to establish electronic currencies and has since been followed by ... Below, we’ll examine some of the most important digital currencies other than bitcoin. First, though, a caveat: it is impossible for a list like this to be entirely comprehensive. One reason for ...

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Bitcoin: How Cryptocurrencies Work - YouTube

Government digital currency/cash ban 👉INTEL YOU NEED TO KNOW!👈 I think the probability is high the US moves to a government backed digital currency in the fu... MORE ON: https://ethereum.ltda/ A cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that has a decentralized payment system (there is no internal or external administrator or any equivalent) that works ... What are the facts behind the virtual currency craze that you should know? Hear the answers from Deputy Director Mhel Plabasan from Core IT Specialist Group ... Future/Perfect Ventures founder Jalak Jobanputra on future of bitcoin. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.