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Can't sweep BTC to electrum or any other wallet

The problem I'm facing is as follows;
I had a lot of money in paysafecard, which I turned into bitcoins on virwox.com. From that website I sent 0.0032 btc to a newly generated address on Bitcoin core - 3J2tCijTKQLd6jtf3nk8QTtLa73xkVhgfk. (https://blockchain.info/address/3J2tCijTKQLd6jtf3nk8QTtLa73xkVhgfk).
Now, what I didn't notice before sending to Bitcoin Core was the long syncing time, and I didn't have any space on my harddrive to download all the shit. Therefore, I went into the Bitcoin Core console:
- dumpprivkey 3J2tCijTKQLd6jtf3nk8QTtLa73xkVhgfk (didn't encrypt the wallet so I could type that command straight)
- got the private key
- tried to sweep it into electrum
- got error "No inputs found. Note that inputs need to be confirmed".
The private key was " Private Key WIF Compressed 52 characters base58, starts with a 'K' or 'L'", so I tried to convert it to an uncompressed WIF key, starting with 5K via bitaddress.org.
When I tried to sweep the btc to electrum with the new, uncompressed address, I got the same input error. Now, what's wierd is that when I check the address it does indeed have 0.0027 bitcoins on it. I double checked the privatekey many times through the Bitcoin Core console, and it's correct.
NOW, the issue I'm facing is that I uninstalled the Bitcoin Core client by mistake, and lost the address containing the bitcoins on the client. I do, however, still have the privatekey. Therefore, finishing Bitcoin Core syncing isn't an option.
Also, when I enter the privatekey into a wallet and get the address which it belongs to, I don't get the the same address that shows in bitcoin core - 3J2tCijTKQLd6jtf3nk8QTtLa73xkVhgfk.
VIDEO showing the issue here: https://i.gyazo.com/040dc198efe8ff43d53b41d8a9a3cb9e.mp4
When in Bitcoin Core, I generated a new address - 3CtkTu3Um53F2xriKGZn6wLcAHUuCoZQKD, got the privkey from the console, entered it into a wallet, and when the address corresponding to the privkey came up, it was a different one from the starting 3CtkTu3Um53F2xriKGZn6wLcAHUuCoZQKD. The new address was 1PNVUnBPv4E23Eh8MKTnoNbBV7qCkka9x4.
I suspect this is the same issue that I had with the original address.
Any suggestions as to what I can do in order to retrieve my bitcoins to electrum or any other wallet for that matter?
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