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Bitcoin Utopia: probably the most meaningless, ridiculous BOINC project

Bitcoin Utopia: probably the most meaningless, ridiculous BOINC project submitted by abingor to BOINC [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Utopia, Gridcoin и Boinc

Как многие могли заметить, недавно в белый список Gridcoin проектов был включен весьма специфичный для Boinc проект - Bitcoin Utopia.
Лично я отрицательно отношусь к включению этого проекта в белый список. Для этого есть следующие причины
1) BU по своим свойствам противоречит главной миссии Gridcoin Research. А именно. Максимум КПД вычислительных мощностей должно расходоваться на благо науки.
2) Статистика по Boinc кредитам ужасная. Складывается впечатление, что команда GR сейчас только и занимается тем, что работает над BU, хотя на самом деле это не так.
3) Не было открытого голосования по включению BU в белый список.
И последнее,
4) За выполненную работу по проекту BU выплачиваются не только GRC но и BTC. Не важно при этом, что BTC не попадает в кошелек человека выполнившего работу. Мы имеем взаимосвязанную крипто экономику, и это является в любом случае является дополнительной эмиссией, которая в конечном итоге удешевляет обе крипты. Причем GRC изначально находится в худшем положении, так как она значительно слабее BTC.
Даже если пункт 2 будет исправлен, я буду против включения BU в белый список
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What stops people from crypto mining via BOINC?

Why wouldn't people submit a BOINC project that mines, say, BTC and get free cycles by GridCoin?
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Can someone explain to me the utility of seti, large prime research and btcoins?

So first and foremost, I believe that whatever the knowledge collected it would be useful sooner or later. For example from seti boinc developed.
Second I believe that at the end one does whatever he can do, in the respect of the others.
Nevertheless I cannot find seti, prime search and btcoins useful. And those are the projects that mostly collect most of the credits and therefore computational power.
I mean finding possible extra terrestrial intelligence would be super cool but it is (a) unlikely and (b) as far as I understood in the research there are no side discoveries.
Knowing the largest prime (see the videos on numberphile) is super cool too. I mean already doing the statistics on a single large number would be interesting.
But is it useful? I mean in the next 5-20 years, given the experience already collected on the consequences of those searches.
The same for bitcoins to sustain the current projects. Bitcoins utopia has almost all the boinc credits, for what? Maybe 10.000 dollars of value? Moreover in this case the research value is close to zero as far as I understood.
So, could someone change my view?
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Gridcoin Research - Leisure Upgrade But Strongly Encouraged.

Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade
Note: Due to the complexity of DPOR, the feature is broken into phases. In Phase I, we will need to reconcile the DPOR rac to match prod, thus it would be prudent for us to test this version together in prod (we are running DPOR side-by-side the legacy system to maintain complete network compatibility). I think testnet will be too small and error prone to complete this exercise. Instructions below:
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Scrypt (Litecoin) and BOINC

Is the version of cgminer that BOINC uses compatible with scrypt miners? I am deeply considering starting a Litecoin mining pool powered with BOINC.
I understand that cryptocurrency mining, like Bitcoin Utopia, is fairly controversial. However, I believe the cause is ultimately decent and respectable. I think the opportunity to contribute should be opened up to all mining hardware. So far (as to my knowledge), the only machines that can not mine are scrypt machines.
My initial idea was just to try to find any other project that supported scrypt. I was told there were not any but i could always start my own project. TBH this doesn't look easy by any means, but I feel I have a strong enough background with mining, web development, and networking to set it up.
I'm interested in any help or feedback toward starting another crypto project. I know the community is about 50/50 with them. If there is anything that could be done to make it better than current projects dealing with crypto, I would be interested. If I am out of my mind for thinking about attempting something like this - do tell.
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How much would SENSRF benefit from bitcoins?

There is a website called Bitcoin Utopia where you can submit science projects for the participants to mine bitcoins for.
It has a very high throughput - in fact by far the highest of all of the current BOINC projects.
Any thoughts?
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Pool mining Siacoin with Gridcoin and BOINC. Interest?

I had an exchange with Scalextrix in a different thread about GridCoin. A question that came up was whether it would be possible to crowd source the mining of Siacoin using BOINC. It turns out there is already a BOINC project that mines Bitcoins, called Bitcoin Utopia ( The proceeds of Bitcoin Utopia are donated to various scientific endeavors. So, the idea, though odd, does not seem so weird after all (no, actually it does).
Here are some reasons to mine Siacoin using BOINC:
1 - You can't realistically expect to receive any Siacoins by solo mining with a single, average GPU.
2 - There is no Siacoin mining pool.
3 - The Siacoin miners have in the past turned on/off their rigs in concert with fluctuations in profit margins. I don't blame them, but it has resulted in what was intended to be 10 block intervals intermittently turning to 3 hour block intervals. Which isn't cool when you're transferring funds to backup your files. You really want your coins fast. Always. Pool mining Siacoin will bring some stability to the hash rate.
There would be no point in pursuing this without an interest from the community. So, here I solicit some feedback/opinion on the following:
If done, I propose that BOINC contributors would receive a share of mined Siacoins (like a regular pool). Additionally, if they contribute using GridCoin Research they would earn GridCoins via GridCoin's Proof of Research mechanism.
The financial incentive would therefore be strong for GridCoin users to mine Siacoin, as they would receive both coins. Since every GridCoin user would receive Siacoin, it would increase Siacoin's exposure. Since Sia users may want to earn some extra coins, if would increase exposure to GridCoin. So, win win.
The only hurdle I see is GridCoins whitelist limitation, which the BOINC project would have to pass. I am not sure if there are other limitations, such as the project having some useful scientific value. If so, donating the Siacoin proceeds to a scientific organization, as done by Bitcoin Utopia, would be the alternative.
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BOINC website downtime

I've been noticing that the BOINC website has been experiencing some problems, is there anything that can be done to help? I think reaching out to the community may be a good aid, for example BitcoinUtopia.
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Bitcoin Utopia - what is it?

I'm still fairly new to bitcoin, learning the ins and outs. As ASICs are the only viable way to mine BTC, are network computing options such as Bitcoin Utopia via BOINC still viable options? Can anyone go into more detail on how the BOINC - Bitcoin Utopia system works?
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Bitcoin Utopia Press Release

Bitcoin Utopia is a crowd-donation platform that uses Internet-connected computers to mine cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin Utopia then donates, after a fee, the cryptocurrencies for various campaigns like incentive awards and science projects.
Scientific organizations looking for funding for incentive awards and science projects might want to create a campaign on Bitcoin Utopia. Four campaigns have already been started and the successful Aquaponics setup campaign has been documented very well with lots of pictures of the gear bought with the bitcoin donations.
Bitcoin Utopia has over 3700 users and is looking for new volunteers with CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs or ASIC devices ready to mine donations for the campaigns. The instructions how to setup the mining software can be found on the campaign pages.
Bitcoin Utopia is run by a Finnish company Consultum Finland Oy Ltd.
Web site for campaigns: Web site for BOINC server: Aquaponics setup campaign:
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Shandia Daves - YouTube

Bitcoin Utopia ist ein kommerzieller Dienst, um mit Hilfe von verteilten Rechnen, Bitcoins als Crowdfunding für öffentliche Innovationen zu sammeln. Für den Betrieb des Projektes ist deshalb ein ASIC-Miner zwingend notwendig. Anwendungs- und Arbeitsanzahl hängt von der Kampagnenverfügbarkeit ab, das ? steht im rechten App-Kästchen als Platzhalter für die Kampagnennummer. Bitcoin Utopia is a commercial platform for crowd-donations that uses Internet-connected computers to mine cryptocurrencies for incentive awards and science projects. Bitcoin Utopia gesamt aktive Kampagnen Bronze 1 Mio Credits Silber 25 Mio Credits Gold 50 Mio Credits Amethyst 100 Mio Credits Ruby 250 Mio Credits Turquoise 500 Mio Credits Jade 1 Mrd Credits Sapphire 5 Mrd Credits Emerald 10 Mrd Credits Orange 25 Mrd Credits White 50 Mrd Credits White2 100 Mrd Credits Max 500 Mrd Credits; Campaign #3 ... Didn't know where to put this, but Bitcoin Utopia (a BOINC poject) is giving users 5 milion - 500 million BOINC credits a day. In two months the project has given 500 billion!!! credits. This has to stop! The credits have always been a little different between projects, but this is just insane. The whole BOINC credit system is now entirely meaningless. It's not even real science that they are ... BOINC doesn't record or pass out statistics on how many floating point operations have been performed, so how does that get there? Answer - it's reverse engineered, calculated from the total user RAC at each project, on the assumption that every credit is worth the same. When Bitcoin Utopia first went ballistic, that 24-hour average reached 17.063 PetaFLOPs - which, given that Bitcoin ASICs ...

[index] [50846] [3420] [3796] [16055] [36106] [50547] [50619] [27738] [31637] [18929]

Shandia Daves - YouTube

Skip navigation Sign in. Search Movimiento 15M , Internet, Wikileaks, Software Libre, Boinc, Setasrevueltas Here is the reason for the confusion by many when dealing with Ants and Bitcoin Utopia. The first part of the video is what it looks like when Bitcoin Utopia is running via Boinc. When REAL mining ...