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Publish Protocol RoadMap

Publish Protocol RoadMap

Publish a media platform designed on the blockchain. It was produced by the press for the press. It aims is to develop a free and honestly paid global media platform for publishers. With publishing, journalists can maintain their business while presenting uncompromised broadcasting. TokenPost will work as the initial protocol use case with NEWS token as the standard token used in Publish news generation system.

  • Dec 2010
    • Launches FxWirePro, institutional FX newswire
  • Feb 2011
    • FxWirePro partners with MetaQuotes
  • Apr 2011
    • Launches AlphaPulse, AI text-mining solution
  • Nov 2013
    • FxWirePro partners with TradingView
  • Jul 2015
    • Launches EconoTimes
  • Aug 2015
    • Launches EconoTimes PRO
  • Nov 2015
    • FxWirePro launches Bitcoin Newsfeed
  • Aug 2016
    • Launches Chinese financial publication
  • Nov 2016
    • Launches‘Currency Strength Index for Global FX Brokers
  • Feb 2017
    • Launches TokenPost Korea Edition
  • Oct 2017
    • TokenPost reaches 10,000 subscribers
  • Nov 2017
    • Conceptualizes PUBLISH
  • Mar 2018
    • Issues TokenPost Coin, an off-chain token and precursor to NEWS token
  • Jun 2018
    • Hosts. Blockchain Open Forum
  • Jul 2018
    • Launches TokenPost International Edition
  • Aug 2018
    • Issues PUBLISH Whitepaper 1.0
  • Sep 2018
    • Private sale
  • Q4 2018
    • Alpha testing protocol release
    • Issues PUBLISH Whitepaper 1.0 (English & Chinese)
    • PUBLISHalliance launch (investing.com joins alliance)
  • Q1 2019
    • Issues PUBLISH Whitepaper 2.0 (English & Chinese)
    • PUBLISHprotocol alpha release (TokenPost as a pilot case)
    • PUBLISHsoft alpha release
    • PUBLISH (NEWS token) IEO
    • Community building begins
  • Q2 2019
    • NEWS 3.0 Conference. PUBLISHsoft beta release
  • Q3 2019
    • Bug bounty & product refinement
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Roadmap of PublishProtocol

2010.12 Launches FxWirePro, institutional FX newswire
2011.02 FxWirePro partners with MetaQuotes
2011.04 Launches AlphaPulse, AI text-mining solution
2013.11 FxWirePro partners with TradingView
2015.07 Launches EconoTimes
2015.08 Launches EconoTimes PRO
2015.11 FxWirePro launches Bitcoin Newsfeed
2016.08 Launches EconoTimes China Edition (经客时代)
2016.11 Launches ‘Currency Strength Index’ for global FX brokers
2017.02 Launches TokenPost Korea Edition
2017.02 Hosts Korea’s first cryptocurrency conference
2017.10 TokenPost reaches 10,000 subscribers
2017.11 Conceptualizes the PUBLISHprotocol
2018.03 Issues TokenPost Coin
2018.06 Hosts the 2018 Blockchain Open Forum
2018.07 Launches TokenPost International Edition
2018.10 Issues PUBLISHprotocol whitepaper 1.0 in English and Chinese
2018.11 Launches the PUBLISHalliance, with Investing.com joining as a founding member
2019.Q1 Issues PUBLISHprotocol whitepaper 2.0 in English and Chinese;
2019.Q2 Hosts NEWS 3.0 conference; Launches beta version of PUBLISHsoft
2019.Q3 Bug bounty program and product refinement
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