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Well, I didn't see this coming: Amir Taaki (Bitcoin developer, Intersango & Darkwallet founder) has been fighting ISIS in Syria - BBC News

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Intersango Shuts Down USD Trade | Bitcoin Magazine

Intersango Shuts Down USD Trade | Bitcoin Magazine submitted by BitcoinMagazine to Bitcoin [link] [comments] [Bitcoin buying and selling website used mainly by British and European traders] will temporally cease to accept UK bank transfers from the end of the month.

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An old email from Intersango /r/Bitcoin

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I may be slow to the party, but I just got email from World Bitcoin Exchange/Intersango

Dear Clients,
Effective immediately World Bitcoin Exchange (WBX) will be shutting down trading / deposits and returning all client funds. Due to increasing fraudulent transactions on our accounts, WBX can not operate in it's current capacity. Combined with multiple bank account closures, we have deemed the best course of action is to halt trading.
My question is, how do I get my bitcoins out?
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Fellow Bitcoin Users Please Be Wary Purchasing from

Bitcoin transfers are supposed to almost instantaneous however I purchased btcs on the 14th of Feb and the transfer is still "processing"
Support escalated it to "admin review" and wont respond. So if you can, please use other sites
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Well, I didn't see this coming: Amir Taaki (Bitcoin developer, Intersango and Darkwallet founder) has been fighting ISIS in Syria - BBC News

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Amir Taaki, 29, a leading developer of online currency Bitcoin, was once named by Forbes as one of the most influential young people in technology.
Mr Taaki told the BBC he returned to the UK from Syria in 2016 and has spent the past 12 months on police bail.
Mr Taaki says he spent three and half months fighting with the Kurdish People's Protection Units [YPG] military group and experienced several battles against IS. He says he was not injured in the fighting, except in one incident, he tells me laughing: "I did fall into a trench."
This is what Amir Taaki says truly inspired him to travel to the conflict.
Software previously developed by Amir Taaki to allow untraceable, anonymous transactions, has been criticised by authorities because it may be used for money laundering or to fund organised terror groups.
Watch a special piece with Amir Taaki on the Victoria Derbyshire Show on BBC1 on Thursday at 9am.
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Intersango have my Bitcoins!!

Wondering if anyone has advise about getting bitcoins out of Intersango?? Or if anyone else has issues with this frozen exchange?? Thanks ;))
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phantomcircuit, aka Patrick Strateman, supporting FUD that developers who code a hard fork client risk going to prison for creating a currency without AML. I'd respond directly but I'm banned from /r/pyongyang

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Bitcoinica MtGox account compromised - We regret to inform you

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World's First Bitcoin Lawsuit - Cartmell v. Bitcoinica

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SlySoft (makers of Virtual CloneDrive) give a 10% discount for payment in Bitcoin.

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Transferwise no longer accepting payment transfers to exchanges
Transferwise, a popular service allowing UK bitcoin users to send bank funds to bitcoin exchanges, has announced they will no longer process such transfers
edit: Notice to Bitcoin users - April 2013
As you may have noticed, we stopped processing transfers to Bitcoin exchanges this week. We’re very sorry.
In many respects it breaks our heart to have taken this step (we’re a firm that champions financial innovation after all), but our banking providers are not comfortable with Bitcoin and want us to restrict payments to these firms. This is happening everywhere - notably Bitfloor and Bitcoin-24 shut themselves down recently.... [read more using link above]
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Why should we trust blockstream / core developers?

I posted earlier that blockstream asks for a lot of trust from the bitcoin community:
but, why should we trust blockstream who employs many core developers? evidence points to many blockstream founders and core developers being embroiled in controversy over the years. this is just the tip of the iceberg..
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Bitcoin Blog | The Bitcoin Trader: Bitcoinica Potentially Shutdown Permanently

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Intersango - what gives?

Hi bc-reddit,
I've seen a lot of accusations floating about with reference to Intersango recently - conflicting views being upvoted/downvoted in the same post.
Also I've noticed that their daily transactions have dropped, so they are now outside the "top 5" on
So what exactly is going on? Should I be using them now or in the future?
I've transferred £500 quid through them without incident 60 days ago. They seem to be organising a London conference in September and Amir Taaki seems to be one of the original/most active bitcoin developers out there...
So I'm a bit confused, could somebody summarise or maybe point me at a post on some other forum (I only frequent this subreddit)
Thanks a lot
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Blockstream - Meet the team

Name Position Previous Projects 1st Core contribution
Adam Back President Hashcash -
Gregory Maxwell Chief Tech. Officer Mozilla 2012
Rusty Russel Core Tech Engineer Linux dev 2011
Gregory Sanders Core Tech Engineer 2011
Patrick Strateman Core Tech Engineer PeerNova, Cloudhashing, Intersango, Bitcoinica 2013
Glenn Willen Core Tech Engineer Google -
Pieter Wuille Core Tech Engineer Google 2011
Jorge Timon Core Tech Engineer Ripple, FreiCoin 2014
Matt Corallo Core Tech Engineer Google intern 2011
Mark Friedenbach Core Tech Engineer FreiCoin, NASA-AMES RC contr. 2009
Francesca Hall Coordinator No information -
Austin Hill Chief Instigator Zero Knowledge Systems/Real Ventures -
James Murdock VP Google, Mozilla -
Jonas Nick Testing Engineer No information -
Johnny Dilley Strategy Pantera -
Alex Fowler SVP PwC, Zero Knowledge Systems -
Ben Gorlick Director, Proj. Man. Cloudhashing -
Erik Svenson VP VC, Dan's Plan. -
Warren Togami Tech. Program Manager Litecoin, Fedora/red hat 2013
Jonathan Wilkins Chief Security Officer Zero Knowledge Systems, MS, Myspace -
Eric Martindale Advisor Bitpay, Decentralize -
Contributions to QT/Core based on Github data.
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A guide to using Silk Road, specifically for /r/UKtrees

Hey all, I’ve seen a few posts on here asking about using Silk Road to purchase trees. I’m not an expert, but I have used it successfully a few times now, so I figured I’d write a guide to help anyone out.
1. Getting on Silk Road.
Silk Road exists on what is commonly referred to as the ‘Hidden internet’, or ‘Deep Web’; Websites on the hidden internet are not indexed and thus not accessible by regular search engines or DNS lookups. You can do more research on this if you want - to be perfectly honest, I don’t understand it entirely - but you don’t need to.
To access Silk Road and the rest of the Hidden Internet, you need to download a piece of Software, called Tor. This software allows you access hidden websites via a regular browser window. Just head to Tor’s Website and click the download. Once the files are downloaded, unzip and click Start Tor.
To head to Silk Road, enter the following address silkroadvb5piz3r.onion
You’ll need to make an account, this is pretty straight forward. (Make sure you remember your pin. You don’t need it when logging in, but you do need it when confirming transactions. Also, your pin doesn’t actually have to be a ‘pin’, mine is just another regular password)
Note: Due to the nature of the Onion network/service, it’s quite slow. And a busy site like Silk Road can be even slower. So, it may be that you have trouble connecting. If it doesn’t work, hit refresh a couple of times, and then just try again later. I usually have better luck in the morning 9pm-12pm and late evening 10pm-4am
2. Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a decentralised peer 2 peer based currency. Essentially, it’s an untraceable and anonymous currency. Purchasing Bitcoin can be a little tricky, there are a number of ways to do it.
There are exchanges such as MTgox and Intersango, and many direct Bitcoin purchasing sites such as Bitstamp, and BitInstant. The problem with many of these sites is they operate outside of the UK, and as such getting money into them can be tricky. They tend not to accept debit credit cards, and often require bank transfers via IBAN. However, banks will often charge you a fee for using IBAN (I know Natwest charges £10).
These websites will allow you to deposit money into your account, and then place orders to convert that money into Bitcoin.
Other easier websites are Virwox, and Block Chain.
With Virwox, you first need to convert currency into Linden Dollars (SLL) (a currency used in the game Second Life) then into Bitcoins. However, Virwox does not allow for fractions of bitcoins, which means you can easily end up being just shy of a full bitcoin and having ‘worthless’ SLL. One nice thing about Virwox is that they accept UKash vouchers. So if you want no trace of your purchases, you can go buy UKash vouchers at any Paypoint and then deposit those.
Block Chain used to only be depositable via Barclay’s Pingit, but has since opened up regular bank transfers, I found this worked really well the last time I used it, so I’d recommend it.
You can also buy bitcoins in person by searching on Local bitcoin. In addition, there are also people selling Bitcoins on Ebay, but very overpriced, so I wouldn’t recommend that.
There are a tonne of places to buy bitcoin, some accept cash/cheques in the mail as well. You can always find more by googling.
3. The purchasing process.
You need to send your purchased Bitcoins to your SR account, you can find your bitcoin address under ‘Account’ at the top of the screen. It can take a few hours for the transfer to take place.
Once in your account, you’re ready to purchase, simply find whatever it is you wish to buy, click add to cart, and then head to the checkout. Select a postage method for your items and click go to confirm the postage.
Now, you need to input your address and your pin.
Now, you might have heard of PGP encryption by this point, it’s a form of public/private key encryption used on SR to protect the addresses of its users.
For this, I’m just going to steal mr_kyitty’s guide from this thread.
  1. Get gpg4win, install, and open 'GPA'
  2. Now you need to make your own key. Go to Keys>New Key, and follow the prompts. Use a fake name/e-mail. Before entering a passcode, write it out (the longer the passcode, the better, and you have to enter it every time you encrypt something). Once that's done, you have your own key.
  3. Import the seller key from the seller page. To do this, copy the public key from the page, paste it into a blank notepad file, and save the file. Then click 'Import' in GPA and load that file. You now have that seller's public key.
  4. To encrypt your address, open the clipboard in GPA and type in your address. Click encrypt, select the seller's public key, and in the lower box, check "sign" and select your own key. Then you will be prompted to enter your passcode. Once complete, copy the block from the clipboard and paste it into the address box on the shopping cart page.
I’d like to add, that you don’t need to ‘sign’ the encryption. What this does is allows the seller to verify that you are the actual sender of the message. However, I’d argue this isn’t entirely necessary, as it will also require you to post your public key somewhere.
Click to confirm the transaction, and that’s the order placed.
It will now show up under your ‘orders’ section. You’ll notice an option to ‘finalize’.
Silk Road uses escrow, i.e. they hold your money when you place an order, and when the order is confirmed to have gone through (after x days) the money will be sent to the vendor. You can Finalise early, by clicking the finalise button and sending them their payment. It’s common courtesy to do this once your item has arrived. If an issue arises, you can click resolve, and attempt to claim a refund/resolve the issue. I don’t have any experience with this so I’d recommend you search /silkroad for advice if you need assistance on resolving a matter.
Some vendors might ask you to finalise early before they will send your order. Now, this is actually against Silk Road policy, but its common for vendors to ask for this from first time buyers. Personally, I would say just don’t do it. You never know what’s going to happen. But generally speaking, a vendor's reputation is probably worth more than your particular order, so the risk of being 'ripped off' is low.
Still, I wouldn't recommend it.
4. Additional Comments
Do I recommend it for weed?
I started using SR Last year after I moved back home from Uni, because I no longer had a dealer. Personally, if I had a choice, I would choose to buy from a dealer every time. SR is a lot of hassle, so I wouldn’t recommend it for your general Eighth or quarter, unless you have no other connection (as is unfortunately the situation for me).
However, there are a variety of strains and products available, ranging from hashes to oils to edibles, so some of you might like to have those options.
In terms of price, I’d say it’s fair. A lot of Weed vendors will have a standard strain that they’ll sell for a (roughly) standard £20/eighth. You will generally be spending a little more given the nature of the process.
Is it risky?
In terms of general legal risk, you can't control what people send to you. If there's no record of you having bought it (Which there isn't, buying bitcoins is not a crime) then you should be fine. In terms of 'Will I get scammed risk' - it's just like ebay, people value their reputation. Buy from high repped vendors, and you should be fine.
Anyway, that’s all folks, I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you have any questions, leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to help you out.
Also, if any other more experienced SR users have noticed any mistakes or things I should alter in this guide, please leave a comment and let me know, and I’ll make the necessary amendments.
And here are some other great subreddits which you may also find useful.
/SilkRoad - For everything Silk Road. /Bitcoin - For everything Bitcoin. /onions - For everything hidden internet.
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List of banks that don't want Bitcoin to succeed

  1. Commerzbank (shut down bitcoin24 account)
  2. Capital One (shut down bitfloor account)
  3. Metro Bank (shut down intersango account)
  4. Barclays (shut down mt gox UK account)
  5. Banco do Brasil (shut down mercado bitcoin account)
  6. ??? please help me make it as complete as possible
EDIT Included some more banks
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Why is half the BitCoin-o-sphere down right now?

Overly dramatic, I know. . . but does it seem like a lot of sites and exchanges are down right now (BitInstant is, Blockchain is).
Is it just too much traffic due to the price drop?
what gives?
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DAE now the name of a good exchange, other than Mt. Gox? Cant use it from the UK.

As the title says. I cant use it in the UK because Mt. Gox does not give me a sort code for me to transfer money to it, unless I get verified by Mt. Gox by providing a lot of personal documents
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100€-1000€ investment for newbie from germany

Hi, i am a student and want to invest 100-1000€ into bitcoin. I live in Germany. I just know the basic concepts of bitcoin but no practical know-how. What should i do?
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Naira Marley - Isheyen [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube Bitcoin & OpenTransactions BITCOIN - Interview with Amir. who wrote the code for Bitcoin Zhou Tong Bitcoin 2013 full set Exploring Bitcoin with Amir Taaki - Part 2

Hi bc-reddit, I've seen a lot of accusations floating about with reference to Intersango recently - conflicting views being upvoted/downvoted in... Bitcoin Exchange » Warning Intersango SCAM! Advertise with us (we do not endorse any site advertised) « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. Author Topic: Warning Intersango SCAM! (Read 2813 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Budsen. Newbie; Joined: Nov 2012; Posts: 1; Karma: +0/-0; Warning Intersango SCAM! « on: November 09, 2012, 06:48:42 PM » Hi, i will now tell ... Bitcoin Consultancy operates this exchange as well as the Intersango EUR exchange. The source code and artwork is freely available under the GPL3. Contents. 1 Trading. 1.1 Buying; 1.2 Selling; 1.3 Adding Funds. 1.3.1 BTC; 1.3.2 GBP bank deposit; 1.4 Withdrawing Funds. 1.4.1 BTC; 1.4.2 GBP bank deposit; 2 API; 3 History; 4 See Also; 5 External links; 6 References; Trading. You can trade ... Intersango was an exchange offering multiple trading markets for trading bitcoins against multiple currencies.. The service was launched on July 6, 2011.The Intersango open source software that the exchange runs on was announced on March 17, 2011.In September, 2011 the exchange began using a new version of the Intersango open source exchange project with two currency markets (BTC/EUR, BTC/USD ... This morning, users of the Bitcoin exchange Intersango were greeted with an email from support stating that Intersango would soon be shutting down all USD-denominated trade on the exchange: Intersango’s USD market will stop trading 2012-10-14 at approximately midnight UTC. At this time we ask that persons with USD funds either place a withdrawal request or purchase bitcoins. To facilitate ...

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Naira Marley - Isheyen [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Bitcoin 2013 #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencies This video will Enlighten you to see what other exchanges price ranges usually run at. when making your trading decisions it's always a good decision to check ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Amir Taaki hat den Bitcoin-Handelsplatz gegründet. Philip Banse erklärt der Entwickler und Pionier, wie die digitale Währung unsere Welt verän...